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    10 Brand New Things We Just Learned About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8

    It isn’t every day HBO drops a Game of Thrones trailer and season 8 release date. But, hallelujah, yesterday was that day! It was also the day David Nutter, who directed half of the final season’s episodes, did a Reddit AMA. Here’s what he told us (and here‘s what actors have revealed in the past): 1. Each episode […] More

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    17 Incredibly Dumb Things You Forgot Happened In 2018

    2018 ain’t over yet, so there is certainly still time for a lot more idiocy to go down. And we aren’t even talking politics here! The following list deals almost entirely in celebrities and viral Internet stories that seeped their malodorous way into The Real World. It was a difficult list to compile. Some stories […] More

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    Here’s How To Recreate Shake Shack’s Iconic Burger

    All arguments concerning where Shake Shack burgers fall on the fast food spectrum aside, the chain’s iconic ShackBurger is straight fire. This is objective and undeniable, even to west-coasters enamored with In-N-Out, or to Texans who believe Whataburger or P.Terry’s reign supreme. There’s no use comparing the ShackBurger to any of the burgers above because […] More

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    A New Harry Potter Fan Theory Claims Nagini Is Actually Voldemort’s Mom

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has yet to hit theaters, but Potterheads have already torn teaser trailers apart for clues. It is generally accepted that the franchise, in following the misadventures of mazoologist Newt Scamander, will eventually open itself up as a Voldemort origin story. Film trailers have shown that The Crimes Of Grindelwald is set to […] More

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    People Are Seriously Inspired By How This Makeup Artist Turns Her Acne Spots And Scars Into Stars

    I can write a dissertation, fully backed by an ever-growing body of scholarly research, about the detriments of Instagram to the mind and the self, but one fact is indisputable: Toxic as the social media platform could be, it has also played a pivotal role in helping the body-acceptance and self-love movement become more pronounced […] More

  • Passengers On This Flight Bled From Their Ears And Noses After Crew ‘Forgot To Switch On Pressure’

    Passengers on a commercial airliner were left bleeding from their noses and ears after a cockpit crew forgot to maintain the cabin pressure system during a flight in India. According to India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation, more than 30 passengers on the 166-passenger flight suffered bleeding from their facial orifices on the Jet Airways flight […] More

  • Amy Schumer Slams Men Who ‘Joke’ That #MeToo Has Made Them Scared Of Women

    Resistance to changes brought about by the #MeToo movement by a particular type of Man has left subsets of that Man to either A) turn to the violent incel movement or B) claim they are now “afraid” to interact or flirt with women. The former, while disturbing beyond words, is less common while the latter […] More

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    Kristen Bell Says She Smokes Pot Around Sober Dax Shepard Because ‘Weed Rules’

    Actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are undoubtedly one of the more genuine celebrity couples, made all the more relatable by their candidness when it comes to their marriage, parenting, and Dax’s struggle with sobriety. In fact, a couple of weeks ago Bell shared a touching Instagram post in tribute of Shepard’s 14th year sober, […] More

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    An Emmy Winner Proposed On Stage To His Girlfriend And People Lost Their Damn Minds

    Glenn Weiss won the award for Outstanding Directing for Variety Special at the 2018 Emmys Monday night. But he’ll probably best be remember as “the guy who proposed to his girlfriend onstage during his acceptance speech.” In what may be the most tear-jerking moment in award-show history, the Oscars director accepted his award, then turned his […] More

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