Ariana Grande’s New Japanese Tattoo Is A Super Cringey Mistake

Ariana Grande fell prey to the oldest tattoo fail in the book: she got a kanji tattoo. With incorrect Japanese characters.

The pop star paid tribute to her single “7 Rings” by getting the characters 七輪 tattooed on the palm of her hand. This roughly translates to “7 rounds” or “7 wheels,” in Chinese, but social media immediately pointed out that the Japanese Kanji translation is “shichirin,” which is a small Japanese-style charcoal grill.

Grande posted, then quickly deleted a picture of her new tattoo to Instagram. You can see it via her official Japanese Twitter:

The pop star’s record-breaking music video for ‘7 Rings’ featured the correct Japanese translation of “7 Rings”: 七つの指輪. Separately, the kanji character 七 means “seven,” and 輪 means “hoop”/”circle”/”ring.” But when put together, 七輪 (shichirin) just means “small charcoal grill.”

Grande later addressed the tattoo on Twitter, admitting that she’d left off most of the characters because “it hurt like f*ck” and she “wouldn’t have lasted another symbol.”

“It still looks tight,” wrote the pop star, adding that she’s a “huge fan of tiny bbq grills.”

For many, Grande’s insistence that the tattoo “still looks tight” reinforced the idea that culture and language is a disposable aesthetic to the pop star.

Though others just reveled in the ultimate schadenfreude.

Grande literally has folks in Japan operating a Twitter account for her—next time, it would behoove her to send shoot them a text to double check her translations.