Dude’s Ex Made A List Of His Likes And Dislikes For His Future Girlfriend And People Don’t Know If It’s Sweet Or Weird

Depending on the nature of the relationship and the breakup, sometimes people who’ve split up continue to be friends. That’s all well and fine, as long as all parties involved are okay with the arrangement.

But this ex-girlfriend actually took the time to write up a detailed list of her ex-boyfriend’s likes and dislikes for him to give to his next girlfriend, and I…? Huh.

The list, which reads like the care and feeding instructions you’d give to someone watching your dog for a week, was written in the notes app and tweeted by Twitter user Jacob (@jacobamirabrown). Along with the three-page list, he wrote, “my ex girlfriend wrote this for me and it’s literally the best thing i ever gotten in my life.”

Here’s the list in its entirety:

The whole thing is a little strange—well, kind of a lot strange. Who does this? This is like pinning an address to a child to make sure they don’t forget where they live, only, this guy’s not a child.

Won’t his next girlfriend learn this stuff naturally, as the relationship progresses? Isn’t that how relationships typically work? Why would his next girlfriend need to know all this stuff right from the start? And why, especially, would she need to be told not to get with his friends?

ALSO, why did she put the date they started dating? Why would a new lady need to know that?

Although, it is a little helpful to get information like “he’s going to want to watch beer and TV all night sometimes and you’ll just have to deal with that” and “you’ll have to massage him until your hands cramp,” and “he will wear try to wear a robe when he goes out with you.” That’s good stuff to know up front, so that if the next girl isn’t down for basically giving in to all his demands, she can peace out early.

People on Twitter, were, for the most part, in agreement that the list was odd.

Some couldn’t imagine that level of involvement from an ex in their future relationships.

And some found it uncomfortable that an ex would even do this.

On the upside, getting this list from a guy would be a good sign you should probably dump him quick, so in that sense, it’s definitely time-saving.

A few people pointed out that this is LOT of detail. Like, a lot a lot. It makes Jacob seem like he needs to be taken care of. People should not need user manuals.

Also, it definitely kind of seems like Jacob’s ex-lady might still be into him.

And a few people suggested he get back with her, not wait for this mystery future girlfriend. Especially if the list meant that much to him.

Someone else mentioned that the list didn’t really do the guy any favors (like make him seem interesting in any way).

Really, the whole thing is a big ol’ mess of no.

And some people theorized Jacob wrote the damn thing himself.

BUT! Some people really found this super sweet, which just goes to show you, it really does take all types.

h/t: Twitter: @jacobamirabrown