The 13 Most Cringeworthy Moments Of The 2019 Oscars

The 2019 Oscars aired on ABC Sunday night, which means there were a whole lot of really dressed up celebrities hanging out together and it was televised. Of course, awkward things can and do happen, in interviews, in conversations, on the red carpet and on the stage. And we love these moments.

Rami Malek did fall off the stage after winning Best Male Actor, but that was less awkward and more, “Holy sh*t, is he okay?” (He was treated by paramedics.)

So, in case you weren’t watching, here’s what you missed in Awkwardville.

1. Someone referred to Octavia Spencer as “body confident.”

Talking about Octavia Spencer on the red carpet, someone called her “body confident,” which is not actually a thing unless they mean that yes, she’s sure she has a body. But everyone knew what the comment meant—it was a veiled reference to her weight. Rude and weird, imo, and Twitter thought so, too.

2. Giuliana Rancic’s interview with Bradley Cooper.

How much did Bradley Cooper wish he could just vanish at that moment?

3. The Vice crew trying to accept the award for Best Hair and Makeup.

When they took the stage, it became clear that there was no plan. Then they got played off the stage while they were thanking people. Yeeks.

4. Another awkward red carpet moment, this one featuring Ashley Graham, Jason Momoa, and Lisa Bonet.


5. Awkwafina saying she wanted to meet Spike Lee.

Presenters Awkwafina and John Mulaney were both at the Oscars for the first time and asked each other who they were most excited to meet. Awkwafina said Spike Lee, and the camera panned to him in the audience, making this face:

And then they cut back to Awkwafina, who’d seen Lee’s face, and was now making this face:

And if you looked at me, I’d be making this face:

6. Joe Alwyn trying to dodge questions about Taylor Swift.

Ryan Seacrest asked Joe Alwyn about how he spent his birthday, and it was pretty obvious that Alwyn was trying not to mention his girlfriend, little-known singer Taylor Swift.

7. Sam Elliot wouldn’t tell Ryan Seacrest what Bradley Cooper cooked for him.

Apparently, Bradley Cooper cooked for Sam Elliot the first night they met. In a perfectly normal question, Seacrest asked what he made, and Elliot answered, “I’m not gonna tell you what he made.” Ooookay, what? WHAT DID HE MAKE AND WHY WON’T HE SAY? Now I need to know. Was it something illegal? Endangered animal? Details, please.

8. Richard E. Grant’s joke was taken seriously.

During what was already a pretty awkward interview with Richard E. Grant, Ryan Seacrest asked Grant about his Can You Ever Forgive Me? costar Melissa McCarthy. Grant said she was great and then added, “She’s having my twins in August.” NO, NOT REALLY, RYAN.

9. Ryan Seacrest’s plugging his own clothing line.

Ryan Seacrest has his own suit line, and he’s used basically every red carpet appearance of awards season to wear and promote it. This time he let us know it was on sale at Macy’s. Easy, tiger, we get it.

10. Kacey Musgraves tripped a little on the red carpet.

You could barely notice though.

11. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper basically eye-screwing each other while Cooper’s long-time partner Irina Shayk was watching.

Their performance was sizzling and not awkward. The fact that his lady is in the audience watching it was…eh…probably not a lot of fun for her.

12. Viggo Mortensen saying that Green Book made people understand why the Civil Rights Act was crucial.

Mortensen told Ryan Seacrest, “You know why the Civil Rights Act was necessary if you watch this movie.” Huh. I’m going to go ahead and say that most people knew why the Civil Rights Act was necessary without having seen it.

13. Green Book winning Best Picture and Spike Lee’s reaction to it.

According to Deadline reporter Pete Hammond, Spike Lee was “furious” when Green Book was announced as best picture. He got up out of his seat and walked toward the back of the Dolby Theatre auditorium, but then turned around and started talking to Jordan Peele, who was behind him. He allegedly “paced the aisle” and sat with his back to the stage during the acceptance speech.

If you’ll remember, in 1990 Lee’s movie Do The Right Thing was snubbed for an Oscar nomination while Driving Miss Daisy won for Best Picture.

h/t Cosmopolitan and Deadline