Employees Reveal The Dirtiest Secrets About Their Industry And It’ll Leave You Shook

Working for a big corporation or organization can be a great gig, but it can open your eyes to a lot of atrocities that go down behind closed doors. Most companies like to present a clean, eco-friendly, pristine image to the world and its customers but, in reality, they couldn’t give two sh*ts about what actually happens. And, if you knew the truth, it would probably change the way you feel about a lot of industry big shots. Recently, users on Reddit who work for big industry names have been sharing the dirty secrets no one wants you to know—so prepare to be shook.


Starbucks corporate makes us have those recycling bins in the lobby to present this green image, but most of the time all of the garbage ends up going to the dump anyway because the facility doesn’t have recycling.



Businesses offer rebates rather than cash discounts because they know the odds of you going to the trouble of mailing in a rebate coupon are minimal. Then they don’t pay the first time, because they know the odds of you complaining about it are infinitesimal. But they usually will pay off if you complain.



I work with kids at a daycare and we see babies take their first steps sometimes but we never tell the parents because we don’t want them to feel bad about missing it.



Never use glasses provided in hotel rooms, especially the bathrooms. I’ve seen those get ‘cleaned’ with the same rag that cleans the toilet and sink.



When renting a storage unit you do not need to get the insurance they offer. Even if they say it’s “mandatory”, it’s illegal to force you to get insurance. Also the rent will increase yearly, forever.



I used to work at a large national chain of bridal stores and the wedding dresses you’re trying on are never washed. We would try to spot clean if a bride got makeup or a build-up of deodorant inside, but they smelled like BO and dirt.



I worked for a very large lingerie company. When we would get returned underwear, you’d think they’d just get damaged out because nobody knows if they were really worn, but they don’t. We put them right back out on the floor.



Funeral homes are businesses, and funeral directors will absolutely take advantage of grieving people.

The most offensive to me are the cremation boxes. They’re literally just big cardboard boxes, and should cost less than a hundred dollars. But they also make really expensive boxes, and directors will say things like “grandma would be more comfortable in this”. No, she won’t, because she’s dead. Some of these boxes reach 1000 dollars, and of course are all just burned.



I don’t know that this is a secret but flight attendants and pilots don’t get paid while boarding, deplaning, and delays. So when you’re delayed and angry, so are we. We’re not making money and still have to be there.



The food on a supermarket deli counter is often stuff that’s gone or about to go past its best before date.



Professional hair color at a salon costs the salon around $6 a tube. That $40 product actually costs $10 to anyone who had a license. Salons are huge cash cows because the products are actually so cheap.



At a hospital the straight cash price discount for many outpatient tests (MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Labs, etc.) can often be cheaper than using insurance and dealing with deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and on and on.

I’ve seen test billed for thousands of dollars to insurance cost a cash paying patient less than $400.

It’s insane.



Credit companies will raise your interest rate for no reason and wait for you to call and complain to get it lowered. Check your statements and review ALL notices that come with your bill.



Almost every register nurse has what is called a blacklist of doctors she or he would not want even remotely near them should they need emergency services.

People need to take better care and precaution of who they choose to accept as their doctor.



The comforters in hotel rooms almost never get washed. They are nasty.



I worked at a sports bar and we would regularly find chicken heads or other weird parts of the chicken with the wings. Chicken wings are forever ruined for me because of the things I’ve found while working there.



In an auto shop, what your mechanic tells you may not be in your best interest, but instead what is most convenient, and what is the least amount of work to do.



Hospitals are not clean

The only really clean place in a hospital is the operating room, other than that the place is crawling with germs and whatever else has mutated on the floors and walls.



The clothes you find at an outlet (more often than not) are not “cast-offs” or overages from the regular store. There’s a whole separate entity that designs and produces clothes at a lesser quality for outlet prices.



Terrible and illegal things go on in every strip club. Owners only hire people for upper management who they have trusted for years because they all know this.



Most ‘subscription services’ will raise their prices over time because they expect you to just suck it up. Call up and politely complain about the price. Either you are speaking to someone who can reduce the price or they can put you through to a person authorized to reduce the price.



Your mortgage has been transferred so many times that the odds are that your payment records are incomplete.


h/t: Reddit, BuzzFeed.