20+ Cartoons That’ll Make Anyone In A Long-Term Relationship Laugh

Every relationship is different, but there are a lot of experiences that long-term couples go through that are pretty universal. After you get over that “I need to impress you” stage, relationships take a turn for the hairy, smelly, and lazy.

Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Oleander is an artist that knows a thing or two about being in love. Currently in a 3-year relationship, she told BoredPanda:

Before I met Joey if anyone told me their love and relationship was like ours I wouldn’t believe it. It’s nothing less than amazing. We can’t get enough of each other.

While being in love is wonderful and beautiful, there are intimate moments that are funny and comical. Oleander depicts most of these “behind-the-scenes” moments in her artwork she shares on her Instagram page.

You can see more of her work at amandaoleander.com



Drawing 78/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night saying “owww you’re on my hair” and then @joeyrudman moves over and I pulled it to my side. In the morning he told me that when I said that he thought in his head “well, it’s taking up the whole bed” ??? —————————————— Anoche me desperté en medio de la noche diciendo "owww estas encima de mi pelo " y luego @joeyrudman se mueve y muevo mi cabello a mi lado. Por la mañana me dijo que cuando le dije eso el estaba pensando "bueno, está ocupando toda la cama" ??? ————————————— I’ve been getting messages of people telling me that they can translate my titles in their language better than google translate. Feel free to translate the titles anytime in your language for our community in the comments ! ❤️? thank you so much ??✨ ————————————— tradotto in italiano nei commenti grazie @martasanset ———————————————————— Art prints and original paintings on the site link in bio?

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Drawing 56/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. This is when you’re single and it’s winter or you are doing long distance. . . This is inspired by me finally finishing up my laser hair removal sessions this month after about two years! I just thought back to the times I didn’t shave for a while and this idea came into my mind so I had to draw it! I wish I would have taken before and after photos of my legs and underarms. I also want to add that this is my personal experience and I completely support and think it’s amazing when women don’t care to shave if they don’t want to or feel comfortable in their skin/hair to never shave at all. I personally can say I have probably been brainwashed by society and don’t like having hair on my body so I got a lot of it permanently removed. Oh and shout out to @laseraway for being awesome. . . Just added the time lapse of this drawing to the Instagram Story. ? ———————————————— Prints and originals available on site, link in bio ? – new print drop tomorrow, if you are signed up to the newsletter you’ll get an email ?

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Drawing 44/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. This is inspired by those intimate moments before bed when your partner is asleep and you stare at them sleeping so peacefully and think to yourself how thankful you are to have them in your life and stare at them smiling until you fall asleep too. ?? (I love you @joeyrudman ) #aboutlastnight . . side note- I have so much fun drawing everyday, one of the things I love about these drawings is that I get to design furniture and apparel and just everything. I used to be obsessed with the game The Sims and one of my favorite parts (besides playing “god”) was designing the house and the furniture. The only thing is that I had a limitation of furniture and items, now I draw my own world on a piece of paper everyday so the options are limitless and creating items that only exist in my mind and seeing them come to life really excites me. I enjoyed inventing the headboard in this piece. Happy Friday! ————————————————————— Esto está inspirado en esos momentos íntimos antes de acostarse cuando tu pareja está dormida y los miras durmiendo tan pacíficamente y piensas cuánto agradecido estás por tenerlos en tu vida y mirarlos sonriendo hasta que te duermas también. ———————————————— Link in bio for art prints and originals. ??

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Drawing 36/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge! Title: When I see you. . . Leaving my family after the holidays is always bittersweet. I always get a knot in my throat and feel so sad leaving them but then get excited I get to come back home to see my love! @joeyrudman see you in a bit! ✈️ —————————————————— . Título: Cuando te veo . . Dejar a mi familia después de las vacaciones siempre es agridulce. Siempre me da un nudo en la garganta y me siento tan triste dejándolos, pero luego me emociono y vuelvo a casa para ver mi amor. @joeyrudman te veo en un momento! ✈️ ————————————— Link in bio for art prints and originals. ??

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Drawing 34/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. This is when you’re cooking for your love and a hair ends up in the food. . . This is inspired by my mom and dad. My mom’s hair ends up in the food sometimes and my dad always says “yum! More flavor” or “your mom’s specialty!” As he pulls it out. —————————————————— Esto es cuando estás cocinando para tu amor y un pelo termina en la comida. . . Esto está inspirado por mi mamá y mi papá. El cabello de mi madre termina en la comida a veces y mi padre siempre dice "¡mmm! ¡Más sabor "o" la especialidad de tu madre "mientras lo saca! ————————————— Link in bio for art prints and originals. ??

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