Woman Comes Up With Genius Way To Use Tinder For Something Much More Meaningful Than Hooking Up

When it comes to hooking up and getting laid via dating apps, we all know that Tinder is the go-to place for an easy fling. People have, by far, seen more success getting booty calls by using Tinder than any other app. It could be the horndogs that invade the network, or the fact that everyone on Tinder is looking for just about the same thing.
It is, most likely, the last place someone would look to get extremely political–unless, of course, you’re poli-dicking (like they do on MTV’s “The Challenge”). Writer Jen Winston, however, has come up with the most brilliant plan to finally use Tinder for some good in the world and all you need to do to partake is pay the $9.99 for Tinder Plus.

As shown on her Twitter feed, Winston realized that by paying the $9.99, she was able to change her location to specific swing states that are crucial to the upcoming elections. Instead of flirting with guys via DM, Winston has decided to spread the word about getting out to vote for the right candidates in November.

Essentially, instead of looking for a nice piece of ass, you can look to literally change the world–or try. And, there’s nothing better than being able to canvas from the comfort of your own bed. For those who are interested, Winston shared some of the candidates that she believes are the right vote and, who people should use Tinder and other social networking apps to campaign for.

People online were blown away by Winston’s dedication and creativity when it comes to rocking the vote this November.

And someone pointed out the beautiful silver lining…

Word up, sis. Thank you for doing the Lord’s work.