Girl Tricks Tinder Guy To Avoid Having To Talk To Him On The Phone

There comes a point in a Tinder conversation where it’s time to take it to text. What that point varies wildly from person to person. My rule is that I want to meet somebody before I give them my phone number. A lot of dudes don’t understand that, but my reasoning is that it’s a lot easier to unmatch a weirdo on Tinder than it is to go into his phone and erase your number. You can block him, sure, but there are plenty of crazy people who can get into all sorts of shenanigans with your contact info. Does that sound paranoid? Oh well! I stand by it.

Some people will argue with me over this rule, some will unmatch, but the ones who go along with it are much more likely to get dates. I’ve often wondered how other women approach the phone number demand, and this tweet from Twitter user @hannahhhhxoxo has been pretty illuminating. Instead of just saying no to a number exchange, Hannah created an elaborate alternate reality. She shared screenshots of the conversation, captioning it, “I just convinced a tinder boy we had the same number so I didn’t have to text him.”

Okay, I’ll admit it, I laughed! But damn, this is so unnecessary. This guy has had his world turned upside down, pining for a woman he thinks is really into him, who would love to chat. If only the dang phone company hadn’t f*cked up! It’s so, so mean.

But everyone loves it:

What’s crazy is that Hannah did eventually text him with her actual number. So…she did like him?! I’m confused!

Will Patrick fall into the trap again? Once the trust is broken, can it be regained? See, this is exactly why I don’t give people my number before meeting them. They might just be doing it for the RTs.