This Viral Tweet About A Straight Girl Hooking Up With A Lesbian Will Make You Think You’re Wasting Your Time With All These Men

Lesbians have better sex than straight girls. The screencaps in the viral tweet below exemplify the truth of the statement, though it is important to note it is actually one of scientific fact rather than opinion.

Consistently, women who sleep with women report higher levels of sexual satisfaction—regardless of age, race, geography—than do women who sleep with men. Consider these statistics: A 2014 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that lesbians orgasmed 75% of the time during sex, compared with 61% for heterosexual women (the sexual orientation of men, unsurprisingly, had no effect on their orgasm rate.)

A significantly larger study of Americans conducted last year by the Kinsey Institute found the same trends, though with a more alarming disparity; Lesbians reported orgasming 86% of the time during sex, whereas that number was a low 65% for women (again, men, regardless of orientation, said they orgasmed 95% of the time.)

Is it harder for a woman to fake an orgasm when with another woman, than when with a man? Certainly. But lesbians also know what a clitoris is and how to work it—a statement that, depressingly, does not seem to always apply to their male counterparts.

But I digress! Let’s circle back to our demonstrative narrative. The following tweet, initially posted by account @andreakvng but retweeted by @Avryyyy features screencaps of a conversation—or more accurately, a testament to the power of the lesbian-induced orgasm—that may just push any “totally straight” girl to reconsider her entire existence.

“So one of my straight friends shared with me that she’ never had an orgasm so I took it upon myself to find her a pretty dyke to get her right…and y’all lmao,” is how @andreak introduced her friend’s enlightening tale:

People on Twitter loved the conversation, as if the 84,000 likes and 27,000 retweets of the already-derivative tweet wasn’t evidence enough.

Many backed up the experience had by @andreakvng, claiming that they, too, could not get enough of lesbian sex once they tried it.

Anyway, can we get her number, too?