This Viral Twitter Thread About Dozens Of Dudes Getting Bamboozled In A Mass Tinder Date Has The Internet Deceased

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible good, bad, and ugly Tinder maneuver out there, there comes a move so unprecedented, so jaw-droppingly ballsy and spicy you can do nothing but kiss your fingers like an Italian chef and acknowledge that you are in the presence of True Greatness.

Such is the Tinder tale told by Twitter user and Brooklyn-based photographer(?)(basing this solely off the camera Emoji in his Twitter bio) @bvdhai, who Gothamist identified as a man named Spencer, recently posted a thread that zigs, zags, and ultimately leaves its audience impressed and satisfied.

It all started when our boy matched with a Very Attractive Young Lady, with whom he proceeded to exchange phone numbers.

After the girl puts off their meeting for a couple of weeks, Spencer understandably assumes he’s been ghosted, and carries on with his life.

Two weeks later, Spencer was surprised to find the girl he’d matched with actually followed up on her promise. The two set up a date.

Prior to their meetup, our protagonist checked her Internet presence (don’t act like you haven’t done it.) She appeared to be an actress/model with 3000 followers, which (again, understandably) felt “off.” But, YOLO, whatever.

Our dude shows up at the “stage” where the two arranged to meet. That’s when things start to get weird.

Spencer thinks maybe she’s a social media personality. He thinks he’s too old for this.

He gets curious when the girl addresses the entire crowd.

As it turns out, the girl had invited every dude there on Tinder.

They were all, unknowingly, the participants of a Hunger Games/The Bachelorette style game in which the prize was our Tinderina.

Very impressive.

Spencer went home, though others stayed. Unfortunately, we may never know who, if anyone, volunteered as tribute.

The moral of the story? “Don’t Get Got.”

Though people were ready to doubt the truth of the story, video evidence and similar accounts from other bamboozled Tinderers verify its authenticity.

Gothamist interviewed another duped Tinder gent, who provided screencaps of conversations with Natasha and also had this to say:

“The gist of it was she wanted to do Live Tinder. Folks were pretty mad. And she started calling the different characteristics she doesn’t like. ‘If you’re Puerto Rican and support Trump leave!’ ‘If you have a long beard leave.’ Then she did a competition.”

Needless to say, Twitter had a lot of feelings. Besides just pure shock…

…People felt Natasha was a badass who gifted Twitter a wonderful story…

…Or that this ‘event’ was a sure sign of the dystopian future to imminently come…

…Or, that “fallopian fortitude” is the most wonderful phrase in the history of social media.

Frankly, we freakin fan fallopian fortitude.