Pete Davidson Says He Uses His Father’s Death To ‘Last Longer In Bed’ With Ariana Grande

Everyone and their mother knows that comedian Pete Davidson and singer Ariana Grande are engaged. After dating for a short few weeks, the two decided to take the next step and plan their entire future together–how sweet.
Both Davidson and Grande have been incredibly open about their engagement and relationship–holding absolutely nothing back. For example, who can forget when Davidson told a bunch of Auburn University students that his “d*ck is forever hard,” after getting engaged to Grande? Or, when Grande told Twitter he has a huge d*ck? Certainly not I.

And, people, let’s not forget that Grande wrote an entire song about how well Davidson “licked the bowl.”

Now, it seems that Davidson is here to spill the tea on even more sexually explicit things involving both he and Grande. While appearing on The Howard Stern ShowDavidson held absolutely nothing back–no surprise there.

In terms of his relationship with Grande and having men “swoon” over her, Davidson revealed he’s not jealous at all of the other men who want her. Why? Well, he relates to them completely. Davidson told Stern that:

“I was jerking off to her before I met her.”

But, don’t worry, he didn’t stop there. Davidson added:

“I’ve been there. I’ve been in the other shoes. Who knew I was practising this whole time?”

Well–I guess practice may make perfect for Davidson, because not only has he “been prepared” for the job, but he’s incredibly grateful, too. He told Stern that he’s “grateful that Grande even touches him.” I guess that’s…sweet?

Additionally, Davidson said:

Any time we’re intimate, I’m always apologising and saying thank you. I swear to God. I’m like, you’re awesome for doing this, thank you so much.

Apparently, people thought that Davidson “wasn’t good enough” for Grande, so they sent him some death threats after the two went public with their relationship.

“I got a death threat. Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she’s so hot. You know how insane that is? It’s like, ‘Am I that ugly that people wanna shoot me in the face?”

And, for all of you who are curious about Davidson’s…uh…sizing–obviously, Stern asked about this, too. We all know that Grande had “told the world” that Davidson was “10 inches.” Apparently, Davidson says it’s not about his size, but about Grande’s size.

He told Stern that he’s “average size,” but because Grande is “so small,” everything is big to her. Way to stay humble there, Petey boy. As for the remainder of the interview, Davidson shared some cute things–like that their first date was right after the Met Gala, where they hung out at Grande’s apartment with friends and played games. After their friends had left, he “asked Grande if he could kiss her.” Adorbs.

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Davidson also revealed that he feels “safe” with Grande and that the first time he heard the song “Pete Davidson” from her album Sweetener, he cried.

If you thought that this wasn’t disturbing enough–the interview took a graphic and almost offensive turn when Davidson revealed how he holds out during sex. (Warning: this content may trigger some people and extremely offend others).

As many know Davidson’s father was a firefighter who died during the events that took place on September 11th, 2001. While Davidson has been vocal about his father’s death–he took a pretty horrible stance in this interview when he said he uses his father’s death to last longer during sex.

Davidson told Stern:

I was just thinking of my dad being burned alive. That’s what I do. I just think of my dad seeing that fire coming right towards him.

Stern was equally disturbed, so Davidson said that he uses comedy to ease the pain of tragedy.

I always kinda thought tragedy, there was a way to make it funny, but I didn’t know it was OK to do that.

Turns out, people are pretty sick of hearing about Davidson’s sex life.

A big mood, y’all, a big f**king mood.