Wife Receives Large Inheritance But Refuses To Help Husband Pay Student Loans

Financial challenges can put a strain on any relationship, especially when it comes to paying off debts. It becomes even more complicated when one partner receives a sudden windfall of money, such as an inheritance, and chooses not to share it with their spouse.

This is the situation that many couples face, including one where the wife received a large inheritance but refused to help her husband pay off his student loans.

The original post has since been deleted, so we’ll give you the meat and potatoes of it.

A redditor asked if he was in the wrong to expect his wife, who recently came into a large inheritance from her family, to pay off his student loans. He later said his loans are around $41K and the money his wife got is around 5x that.

“She refused to give me any of the money and said the inheritance belongs only to her,” he wrote. “I told her that, yes, legally that’s true but we are a family and we should share our resources to make our burdens easier. She disagreed and said my student loans pre-date our marriage and are my sole responsibility.”

“She accused me of being controlling with money and abusing my position as the income earner but I don’t see why I should be responsible for all that when she has her own money now.”

This messy situation was easily clocked by the commenters, who are fed up with both of them.

What is your verdict on all of this? Should the wife help the husband pay his loans or is that not her responsibility? What would you do in the same situation? Let us know in the comments.