AI Unveils Its Interpretation of Every State’s Stereotypical Resident

Some of these Texas-sized stereotypes are expected while some are a complete surprise.

Sure, AI’s interpretations might not always hit the mark, but that’s part of the fun, right? We’re talking about a mix of spot-on representations and those “Wait, what?” moments that leave you chuckling. You’ll have all sorts of different reactions to this collection of how AI thinks stereotypical residents of every state would look.

From the sweet tea-sippin’ South to the tech-savvy streets of California. From New York’s hustle and bustle to the aloha spirit, we’re diving deep into the quirks of each state’s stereotypical resident. Just as a fair warning, some of these AI-generated portraits might make you do a double-take or raise an eyebrow. But isn’t that what makes this journey so darn entertaining? So, grab your virtual suitcase and let’s hit the road, one pixelated stereotype at a time.

1. Alabama

2. Alaska

3. Arizona

4. Arkansas

5. California

6. Colorado

7. Connecticut

8. Delaware

9. Florida

10. Georgia

11. Hawaii

12. Idaho

13. Illinois

14. Indiana

15. Iowa

16. Kansas

17. Kentucky

18. Louisiana

19. Maine

20. Maryland

21. Massachusetts

22. Michigan

23. Minnesota

24. Mississippi

25. Missouri

26. Montana

27. Nebraska

28. Nevada

29. New Hampshire

30. New Jersey

31. New Mexico

32. New York

33. North Carolina

34. North Dakota

35. Ohio

36. Oklahoma

37. Oregon

38. Pennsylvania

39. Rhode Island

40. South Carolina

41. South Dakota

42. Tennessee

43. Texas

44. Utah

45. Vermont

46. Virginia

47. Washington

48. West Virginia

49. Wisconsin

50. Wyoming

51. Washington D.C.