Ted Cruz Confirmed Exactly What Kind Of Perv He Is One Year Ago Today

It’s the 17th anniversary of September 11th, a day that should be treated with respect and thoughtful reflection. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is president, and the entire 2016 election dragged a whole band of weirdo Republicans misfits into the limelight. Now we know entirely too much about all sorts of creeps, in particular Texas senator and former GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Cruz was still in public office after losing the primary, but that doesn’t mean he got any smarter or better at his job.

In fact, this is also the anniversary of Cruz liking a pornographic tweet on a day when he probably should have been holding a respectful silence at a memorial somewhere. This fact was brought back to everyone’s attention by comedian Patrick Monahan, with a screenshot of the extremely memorable image:

The tweet was noticed by a number of people in 2017, and saved for posterity. You see, when you like something on Twitter, it doesn’t just disappear into obscurity. Anyone can check and see what you’ve liked. So, no matter how much you like a favorite porn tweet, don’t literally “like” that tweet. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, by which I mean a talk that should have been heard by Ted Cruz.

There’s no shame in enjoying an educational erotic film, of course, but Cruz is known for his extremely conservative views around sex and sexuality. When he worked as Texas’s solicitor general in 2007, he supported the ban on “marital aids,” a stance which was eventually overruled by the US supreme court, according to the Guardian. Plus, not understanding Twitter is truly unforgivable in this day and age.

At the time, Cruz insisted that someone on his staff accidentally liked the tweet, and his senior communications adviser, Catherine Frazier, made the situation even more confusing with a strange statement that implied the tweet Cruz liked had been taken down, though it’s unclear how he would have been able to control that. Unless he’s also running that porn Twitter account?

Though it’s a bit horrifying to know that Cruz enjoys films with names like “Moms Bang Teens 20,” we at least got some good memes out of it:

Ted Cruz should probably stay away from all social media today. What he chooses to do with his time instead is none of our business.