This Never-Before-Seen Footage Angela Shared From ‘The Office’ Set Has Me (And Pam Beesley) All Weepy

Any true The Office fan has rewatched the entire series several times, hoping against hope there’ll be a funny episode or even segment that will ring utterly novel because maybe you missed the first (or second…or third…) time around.

I’ve got some great news. We’ve finally been gifted some never-before-seen footage, courtesy of Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin, AKA Head of Accounting) and her fabulous Instagram.

Case and point, the many heartwarming pictures she posts of herself with IRL BFF Pam Beesley (I mean, Jenna Fischer):

Better still, the time she blasted her nephew’s attempt at using her fame to snag Tinder dates really just cemented her as the GOAT.

But now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: some spicy, rare, videos from the set of The Office, which Kinsey recently found on her old computer:

To which Fischer commented:

It seems as though gave Kinsey a camera to snap some BTS footage from set. And don’t worry, there’s a second part, which features Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone) throwing a stuffed animal duck at the camera as well as a peek into the writer’s room.

On this video Fischer also commented, recalling how the stuffed duck would go off and ruin takes.

Where are the videos, Angela? WHERE ARE THE CUTE VIDEOS? Could they possibly be as cute as the framed picture of your real-life grandmother on your desk?

Doubt it.