35 Instances Of “Stupid Tax” Where People Paid The Price For Ignoring The Fine Print

“Had I not paid attention, I’d have been the fool, not whoever tagged these.”

We all know about the taxes that come out of our paychecks or get tacked onto that new gadget we just had to have. But what about the sneaky little thing that on Reddit they refer to as the “stupid tax“? Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like – the price tag for those moments when we didn’t quite have our thinking caps on. Whether it’s a hidden fee or a misread sign, these moments make you do a double take.

But fear not, fellow humans of the internet! You’re not alone in your moments of monetary mishaps. We’ve scoured the depths of the interwebs to bring you 35 instances where folks just like us paid the price for overlooking the fine print. From accidental subscriptions to parking woes that’ll make you cringe, consider this your crash course in avoiding financial facepalms. Because hey, we’ve all been there – but hopefully, after this, we’ll be a little wiser (and a lot less taxed).

1. Good Thing I Needed Two Of Them!

2. A Tax For Being Vegetarian And Not Knowing How To Use The Taco Bell App

3. Same Items Inside… Hers Costs 30% More

4. The Ultimate Stupid Tax

5. Pay More For Four

6. Sugartax

7. If You Look At The Photo You Can See The Pillow Is Just Rotated… Literally The Same Folds In It

8. Had I Not Paid Attention I’d Have Been The Fool, Not Whoever Tagged These

9. Bad Sale Is Bad

10. What A Bargain. I’ll Take Two.

11. Et Tu, Pokémon Go?

12. Which One Will I Choose?

13. Walmart Math Is Hard. Also That Was The Last Of The Single Boxes Too.

14. Lemon Squeezer vs. Same-Size Lime Squeezer

15. Profit

16. So I Found This Today, And It’s 4x The Regular Price Of Water! Scam :-/

17. A Year Or Lifetime? Hmmm

18. Little Bargain I Spotted In Asda

19. When Buying The Book Is Cheaper

20. Used The $2 Milkshake Coupon At Mcdonald’s. Fried Onions And Tomato Slices Were Listed As Available Options.

21. $3 More For 1/4 Of The Value!

22. Had To Blink Twice At This One

23. You Sob …. I’m In.

24. I Almost Got Taxed Today

25. Had A Really Hard Time Deciding Which Shipping Option To Choose

26. Genius

27. The Savings Are Through The Floor With This One!

28. My School’s Cookie Sale

29. The Chicken Nuggets At My Local Burger King

30. Pay An Extra Dollar For Buying In Bulk

31. Spend Two Dollars For 100 Pennies. What A Bargain

32. My Brother Saw This At A Yard Sale Today

33. Samosas For People Who Don’t Pay Attention

34. For 8 More, They Can Put The Same Amount Of Fries In One Carton Instead Of Two

35. I Guess I’ll Just Get The One Then