Some Guys Just Can’t Help But Act Cringe When It Comes To Women (17 Pics)


Here we are, ladies, just living our li— Oops. Here come the men.

You know how you just … exist and somehow it’s a personal attack on a man? That’s fun, isn’t it? Like, why is it MY problem when you have a reaction to something inoffensive that I’m doing? It isn’t, is what, so scroll through our list of 18 men who should just be clocked upside the head for being so damn dumb.

1. Doing pull ups

bigyellowscarf / Reddit

2. She’s just working, you pig

skillfulperson / Reddit

3. The actual gall

vjayjam / reddit

4. Holy crap.

Unfair_Assumption_23 / Reddit

5. Leggings

Sockembopper55 / Reddit

6. It’s her fault for — I cannot

coksnballs / Reddit
coksnballs / Reddit

7. This is the SAME WOMAN, poor woman.

coksnballs / Reddit
coksnballs / Reddit

8. The logic is … 🤯

myahlove18 / Reddit

9. What on EARTH is this guy thinking

Anon /
Anon /

10. Punctuation and Caps?

11. Needs attention

littleseizures_ / Reddit

littleseizures_ / Reddit
littleseizures_ / Reddit

12. Other Friends

LastLambOnTheLeft / Reddit

13. He’s BALD

Calicokid515 / Reddit
Calicokid515 / Reddit
Calicokid515 / Reddit

14. “Attitude”

freeaffectionlove / Reddit

15. Yes, you are

16. ONE date? Jeez

17. JFC The lunacy

modernbilquis77 / Reddit

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