17 Terrible Bosses Who Got Publicly Shamed In An Online Group

TopShelf_Bim / Reddit

You can call them myopic, rude, condescending, or worse, but let’s just call a spade a spade here: these bosses are s**tty.

Imagine working for someone who thinks that you have the right to tell a sibling to change their birthday reservations.

Or someone who as no salary negotiation offer but asks for one. I mean — don’t imagine too hard, I don’t want your brain to explode with anger. But that’s the kind of crap every one of these people has had to deal with.

1. I’m a waitress at a restaurant in a country club, we had a change of management and I got in a heated argument with my supervisor when he went off at me for loosening my corset while I was on my break. I just got sent this and found that my hours have been cut in half. Is there anything I can do?

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2. Got called “a poor team player” and received a verbal warning for this when I came into my next shift. Would put in my two weeks if it wasn’t just a summer job

Unfair-Swing / Reddit

3. This isn’t really a negotiation

Jbeez4117 / Reddit

4. It’s a religious theme park too

chipthamac / Reddit

5. This insanely petty note no one will see

TopShelf_Bim / Reddit

6. A murder?!?!?

spicekebabb / Reddit

7. Blaming the stimulus and ethics

Happy_Husband4 / Reddit

8. Fired 20 minutes after a shift

Leading_Highlight244 / Reddit

9. Stop asking me.

ScooterBobb / reddit

10. Tip better so we can pay less.

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11. So gross

12. PTO Hours

13. This chestnut

14. So cold

15. Yep

16. Uh, no, sir.

17. Notice