Viral TikTok Explains How Starbucks Workers Are Getting Paid Big Time With New Credit Card Tipping

A Starbucks barista enthusiastically shared that their paychecks have increased up to $200 since their store location implemented a credit card tipping system during the check-out process. The TikTok describing the change went viral and sparked some debate between Starbz employees and customers.

starbucks credit card tipping

abstract_angst via TikTok

Though most of us are all for minimum-wage workers getting paid more, some think the notion of tipping someone to simply do their job is a little controversial. One TikToker went viral a few weeks back after announcing her disdain for the new tipping system, stating the moment [we’ve] been ‘dreading’ was finally here. This user (willowagainstwillows) made a valid point in the caption of her video stating, “like youre already charging me $8 for a coffee but u cant afford to pay your workers enough?”

In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be that nagging feeling to tip every time that pesky little tablet is stuck in your face at a behind-the-counter restaurant or cafe; but unfortunately, that perfect world doesn’t exist, and underpaid workers seem to be desperate for an extra dollar or two to help them pay for rent, school, or just basic necessities.

“POV: When your company finally adds credit card tips and it literally adds $200 to your paycheck,” a text overlay on the video reads.


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The video, posted by user @abstract_angst, shows the barista dancing happily at their Starbucks location after realizing that the new tipping mechanism has had a significant impact on their take-home pay.

Though the practice of credit card tipping isn’t in full swing yet, a statement shared with Newsweek by a spokesperson indicates that credit card tipping could branch out to many, if not all stores in the near future.

“Starbucks is rolling out the ability for customers to tip for credit card transactions at the register in the café and drive-thru. This capability began at select stores in the U.S. in September 2022 and will continue to roll out to all stores where this can apply through the end of the year. It’s our goal to allow our customers to recognize baristas no matter what payment method they use, and we’re excited to bring this new enhancement to stores.” The statement by Newsweek reads.

One Redditor, who happened to be a first-hand eye witness, says the practice has seemed to improve morale among their coworkers, as well as tripling the amount of tips received on their shift.

“We are a test store. Last week tips combined cash and digital we hit .96 per hour,” Reddit user u/Lejeune68 wrote. “So far this week on just credit card alone we’re averaging $3 per hour. So. Edit: I want to point out morale in my store is the highest I’ve ever seen it. Honestly. People are smiling more. Service is better etc.”

On that note, maybe the extra dollar or two donated to the Starbie baristas may be worth the extra hassle. After all, I personally wouldn’t want an angry Starbucks employee whipping up my latte.

What are your thoughts on the new credit card tipping systems?