45 Instances Of American Ignorance Bringing Shame To The Entire Country Online

Tell me you’re American without telling me that you’re American.

Check out these screenshots from Reddit’s r/ShitAmericansSay that capture those moments where American charm meets, well, let’s just call it ‘unique interpretation.’ From funny misinterpretations to eyebrow-raising confusion, there’s something oddly comforting about seeing our fellow Americans embrace their cultural quirks in the digital realm.

Who knows, by the end of it, you might find yourself chuckling uncontrollably, but more than likely just shaking your head in sheer amazement. But one thing’s for sure – these screenshots are bound to spark some conversation and maybe even inspire a few memes along the way. Unfortunately, if you don’t understand some of these you might just be part of the problem!

1. They Are Never Foreign, Because The Whole World Is ‘Murica

2. America Is Really Obsessed With People’s Race, Why Even Comment On The Person’s Skin At All

3. American Flag

4. Queen Is America’s Answer To The UK Beatles

5. On One Side – Single Digit. On The Other Side – Wacky Numbers, All With Lots Of Extra Numbers At The End

6. “Exactly Which War Did America Lose?! 100% Success Rate…”

7. “The Best Italian Food Is American”

8. The Good Old Universal “British Accent”

9. … To Be Irish American, Now That’s A Special Blessing

10. “We Actually Speak Correctly”

11. “Y’all Euros Can’t Drink For Sh*t”

12. “You Just Walk To Get Groceries…? People Do That?”

13. Gotta Love It When You Back Them Into A Corner So They End Up Just Straight Lying

14. European vs. US Party System

15. Because The English Language Comes From America

16. Person Forgets That Not Everyone Is American

17. Spain Doesn’t Exist, It Is A State Of Mind

18. Mount Everest Has Relocated To South Dakota

19. A True Patriot

20. Water Doesn’t Boil at 100 Bro

21. The Greatest You Say?

22. Not Everybody Is American

23. Travels To A Country In Another Continent, But Expects To Find The Same Brands That Are In The US

24. I Posted A Picture About A River In The Country Georgia, And This Person Had A Lot To Say

25. Hope Y’all Are Enjoying Those Gas Prices

26. “Our Music Is By Far Superior”

27. Middle Hemisphere

28. The Entitlement Of Some Of These Tourists

29. In America, 42% Is The Majority

30. Don’t You Just Love It When Someone Tries To Correct Your Already Correct Spelling

31. I’m From Ireland And Hearing Someone Call Munster A County Just Makes Me Cringe

32. Comment Section Of A Sunscreen Ad

33. It’s Well Known That 5/4 People Have Problems With Fractions

34. I’m At A Loss For Words With This One

35. An American In London

36. I Would Have Answered Him In Light-Years Since It’s A Unit Recognised By Everyone

37. Do Italians Drive To Malta To Fill Up Their Tanks?

38. America Is Old

39. Americans Thinking Ethnicities Have Different Stats Like This Is A Video Game

40. Two Types Of Nations: Those Who Use Metric, And Those Who Went To The Moon

41. American Jesus

42. It Should Have 52 Stars Not 1

43. Spain In Pain

44. Some Responses By Americans On A Reel, Where Comedian Michael McIntyre Was Joking About The Differences Between US English And UK English During An Interview

45. For Reference, Longitude Is A Music Festival In Ireland And The Drinking Age Here Is 18