People Think Lil Xan And His Girlfriend Are Lying About Having A Baby

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Rapper Lil Xan and his girlfriend Annie Smith are being accused of sharing fake ultrasound photos of their unborn child.

The couple announced their pregnancy via Instagram on February 17, only five months after Lil Xan’s very public and messy breakup with Miley Cyrus’ sister, Noah Cyrus—who took to social media to voice her grief.

On Friday, Smith posted a video to YouTube called “FIRST BABY PICTURES!!” and announced that she was nine weeks pregnant before revealing ultrasound photos on her phone.

The rapper appears in the video, saying he was “blessed” to see a picture of his baby, joking that it already looked like him, and asking, “where his d*ck at?”


Fans congratulated the couple across social media over the weekend, but by the following week, hundreds of tweets had sprung up claiming the ultrasound photos were taken straight from Google Images.

Instagram account Xanarchy Tea made a pretty convincing argument, comparing the Google images with the ones Smith scrolled through on her phone.

“I don’t know anything about pregnancies and ultrasounds so pardon me if there’s some perfectly reasonable explanation for this but these photos literally line up perfectly,” reads the caption.

BuzzFeed News noted that while neither Lil Xan nor Smith have publicly addressed the rumors, comments underneath the YouTube video were disabled as were comments on their recent Instagram posts.

That hasn’t stopped people from commenting on Instagram posts of Smith’s that weren’t disabled, the most recent one being from February 12.


“When you fake a pregnancy for clout,” wrote one user. “How are you going to fake your pregnancy today?” wrote another.

Watch the full YouTube video below:

h/t BuzzFeed News