Noah Cyrus Is Selling Her ‘Breakup Tears’ Online For Thousands Of Dollars

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Noah Cyrus, the now famous little sister of Miley Cyrus, has been making headlines a lot recently after her breakup with Lil Xan.
The two had a lot of drama that went viral online after people began speculating about why they broke up. Cyrus said that Lil Xan had dumped her after he misinterpreted a meme as cheating. Lil Xan, however, said Cyrus was being inappropriate with another guy in a photo shoot. As it turns out, Cyrus revealed that she caught Lil Xan cheating on her. Ouch.

Now, Cyrus is moving on and making her money like a truly independent woman who doesn’t need a man–preach. To promote her new EP, Good Cry, Cyrus is selling a ton of merch online. Along with sweaters and shirts, Cyrus is selling her actual tears online. I’m serious.

According to PizzaSlime, where Cyrus is selling her merch,

This is approximately 12 tears made by Noah Cyrus as a result of sadness. Human digestion of these tears is not suggested cause tears are generally pretty salty and that would just be super fucking weird if you drank someone else’s tears.

It’s not enough that Cyrus is selling her own tears–she’s selling them for $12,000.


If you’re interested in buying someone else’s tears for thousands of dollars, you can get them here.