Lil Xan Claims Noah Cyrus Cheated On Him, But Her Story Says Otherwise

In case you are not woke and have no idea who teen celebrities are nowadays, this is rapper Lil Xan and singer Noah Cyrus. The two have been dating for a few months. Noah Cyrus, better known as Miley Cyrus’ little sister, has become quite the singer herself. Lil Xan is a SoundCloud rapper that keeps getting his face tattooed–why? I’m unsure.


It seems as though all is not well between these two and their love life–as their social media profiles have been exploding with drama, cheating allegations, and subliminal messages. It all started when Lil Xan wrote on his Instagram stories:

I feel like I’m probably being cheated on. Bad things always happen to the good guys so ima be an a**hole from now on if you ain’t gang.


He then posted a video saying that he felt as though he was being “used.” People had a good feeling it had to do with Noah Cyrus. Although–I don’t see how she needs to “use him” for anything, seeing as her entire family is famous…

After all of the drama hit the fan on social, Noah Cyrus decided to respond to the rumors that she’d been the bad guy. She posted an emotional and tearful video, speaking about “bad days” and getting through them.

Later, after much media speculation, Cyrus shared that Lil Xan had “accused her of cheating on him with Charlie Puth” over a meme she had made–where she photoshopped Puth’s face onto a pornstars body as a joke.


Cyrus went on an Instagram live-stream, crying and denying that she did “anything she has been accused of.” She apologized to her fans and tried to have her own back, seeing as everyone on social media was attacking her.

Cyrus broke down everything that had happened to the couple–and explained that it was Lil Xan who actually cheated on her…not the other way around. On Instagram, she wrote:





But, Lil Xan came back saying that “all of those accusing him of dumping his girlfriend over a meme are wrong.” He actually dumped Cyrus over a picture of her “touching” another dude.



The photographer even posted the photo saying:

sorry i took a photo of two friends and collaborators being happy, forgot women arent allowed to be friends with men if they have a boyfriend already according to someone

Fans online were livid over the fact that Lil Xan is so insecure and so toxic that he dumped his girlfriend over a photo with a fellow artist. Also, the fact that Cyrus had to explain herself and defend herself after being accused of cheating–when he seems to be the one who is cheating–is something unheard of.

People also thought Lil Xan was out of control to think Noah Cyrus needed him for fame at all.

I think that’s enough internet for today.

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