Jason Momoa’s ‘Slapping Game’ Sent A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunner To The Hospital

Game of Thrones fans know that Jason Momoa—aka Khal Drogo—was a huge part of the series, even though he was killed off way back in Season 1. Regardless of his character’s death, Momoa has been a huge supporter of GoT and the cast and crew.

With the final season upon us, HBO and GoT showrunners released a new seriesof shorts called Backstories, in which people who have worked on the show talk about their favorite memories and moments of the past eight seasons.

In this particular episode of the short, David Benioff—one of the main showrunners—told an iconic story of how Jason Momoa sent him to the damn hospital

Back in Season 2, Momoa returned to the set to shoot some flashback scenes with Emilia Clarke—in particular, the scene where she’s in the House of the Undying and reunites with Khal Drogo and her unborn son. After filming, they had a mini-reunion which involved a lot of beer in a Belfast bar.

Momoa, Clarke, Benioff, and even Alfie Allen—who plays Theon Greyjoy—went out for some brews. 

HBO, YouTube

Momoa was a bit drunk and began to discuss a game—the slapping game—in which you slap someone’s hands as hard as you can until you miss. Momoa claimed that he was the champion at this game—unbeatable. So Benioff decided to challenge him. Challenge JASON MOMOA to the slapping game.

HBO, YouTube

After a few rounds, Benioff’s hands were red ASF. Emilia Clarke claims she looked over and was dumbfounded by how red his hands actually were.

HBO, YouTube

Benioff said he was “pretty drunk,” and didn’t think twice about how red his hands were at the time. But, the next morning, he woke up and claimed his hands were “double in size” and looked like “catcher’s mitts.”

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Benioff flew back to L.A., and his wife—the Amanda Peet—thought they were so bad, she immediately drove him to the hospital. The doctor ended up diagnosing Benioff with “squished hands.” That’s right, Jason Momoa squished his boss’s hands.

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Talk about a wild story.

h/t: BuzzFeed