Girl Scout Remixes Cardi B’s ‘Money’ To Help Sell Cookies And It’s Super Hot Fire

As you all know, it’s officially Girl Scout Cookie season—so no matter where you go, no matter how hard you try to diet, you can’t hide from those delicious Thin Mints. Every year, the scouts try to find new and exciting ways to make money—like, the one time a bunch of troop members sold cookies outside of a medical marijuana store…brilliant.

This year, one Girl Scout has found a dope way to spread the word that she’s trying to make her troop some money—by remixing Cardi B’s “Money” and having it go viral on social media. Kiki, a Girl Scout, was filmed doing a remix to the song, adding in some flavor with her favorite cookie flavors. Honestly, I like this version better than the original.

The organization shared that “Black Girl Magic” is important to them and their entire organization because it represents strength and determination.

People online were feeling this remix—so much so that they can’t stop bumping it.

Kiki wrote on her landing page:

“Selling Girl Scout Cookies has taught me to work as a team to set our troop goals for cookie season. With our cookie earnings, my troop and I plan activities year-round and do important things to help our community. With this year’s cookie earnings we will Troop activities and community service projects. Please support my sale so we can reach our goals. Thank you!”

Thanks to Kiki’s video, she has exceeded her goal in sales this season. We stan a real icon.