Sansa Stark Has A Secret Instagram For Rating Sausages, And It’s Both Savage And Hilarious

While the Game of Thrones cast has certainly had to portray some gruesome and brutal storylines, they’re actually quite lovely, chipper and (let’s face it) weird people in real life.

Case in point: the eldest Stark daughter, who is apparently a meat connoisseur.

Sophie Turner, AKA Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, apparently has a semi-secret Instagram. And no, it’s not for personal pics — it’s for rating sausages. (Vegetarians, beware.)

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While that might sound like the prime opportunity for a dirty joke, I promise I’m serious.

The Instagram “sophiessausagereviews” has over 40,000 followers and simply features a bio reading, “Passionate Bout The Saus.”

The whole situation is strikingly similar to Lorde’s former Instagram, in which the singer rated various onion rings.

Sadly, once everyone discovered Lorde’s not-so-secret secret Instagram, she stopped reviewing onion rings (proving that, once again, we cannot have nice things).

Sophie only began reviewing sausages in April of this year, but this far, her dedication to accurate meat ratings has been both admirable and hilarious.

Sophie has reviewed “classic Cumberland” sausages from the Heathrow Airport (which are apparently surprisingly good for airport sausages) …

… as well as fancier, sausage-like fare from a restaurant in Disney’s California Adventure park …

… and she’s even reviewed a sausage “sauce” (otherwise known “gravy,” c’mon Sophie) in North Carolina.

We can only hope that Sophie’s sausage reviews have only taken a temporary hiatus since the beginning of April — because honestly, the public needs this information.

Bring back the sausage ratings, Sophie, we’re clamoring for more meat! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)