Everybody Shut The Hell Up And Look At This Chimp Browsing Instagram

Ok, before everyone gets all freaked out and starts the “chimps are gonna take over Planet of the Apes style!” remember, this is exactly what you look like but you can drive a car and do math.

That being said, how crazy is this? Look at it acting just like people. It even has that same dispassionate look in its eyes. That look that says, “there’s probably something much more important I should be doing, but I simply cannot.” You think apes will rise up and we’ll be their slaves? Dude, we’re all slaves to Instagram.

There is something eerie about a subhuman being using technology so precisely. Really makes you wonder if Instagram is even using any of our higher brain functions.

How many times have you had to show your parents how to use their phones? I got my mom on Instagram last year and still, the only thing she can do is comment something mortifying on everything I post. Does this monkey give lessons?

However, at least my mom is a loyal follower. If you’re gonna follow me at least like and comment. That’s just basic Insta etiquette.

At the end of the day, these guys are basically really hairy people who can’t talk. I have an uncle who’s not too far off from this. I don’t think we should be keeping either of them in cages. Whether it’s evolution bringing monkeys farther along or a testament to Apple’s flawless design structure, I think we can all agree this is pretty incredible. You even have a new excuse for creeping now.

I say let’s sign them up. Give them all phones and Instagram accounts. They couldn’t do anything worse than what we’re doing with it.

One of the most shocking things about all of this is how shocked everyone is. I think most people have no idea just how intelligent these creatures are.

Let me leave you with this little detail you might have missed. It made my day.

h/t: KaleSalad