27 People Share The Dumbest Things They Actually Believed As Kids

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That if people are going to study something they just sit in a circle with other students and think about what they want to do. As soon as they find out, they are done and they can leave. I wish lol. —helikoptr


That I would have to change my name when I grew up.

I don’t know why, but I thought my name was suitable for a child but definitely not for an adult, and I couldn’t imagine (being) an adult with my name. I even talked to my mother about it, saying that at some point we’d eventually have to go to court to have it changed to something more “adult-sounding”. —Stubble_Sandwich


I was very very young and I blame wizard of oz but I believed that a tornado was just one big phenomenon that continuously happened and spun from state to state country to country.

I also live in the south so we have frequent tornado warnings so I vaguely remember a time we had two or three warnings in one week and I was scared the “single tornado” would come to our town and never go away. —ExistentialMeg


My uncle is a priest for an obscure Hindu offshoot religion and he told me quite young that I shouldn’t play sport because each person only gets a set number of breaths in their life and getting out of breath used them up quicker.

I used to spend hours laying in bed trying to make my breaths as long and slow as possible. In fairness, I actually have a decent lung capacity as an adult so maybe it had a positive effect. —TannedCroissant


I thought for years that French people thought in English but translated things in their head before they said them, I just assumed learning/ speaking French was as difficult for them as it was for me (I went to French classes from age 4) it wasn’t until I was probably 11/12 and really thought about it that I realised they think in French (even now I put ‘probably think in French’ like seriously I’m almost 30 and I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet) —magicalii


Grandparents were assigned to families. Like, I didn’t know my Grandma was my Dad’s mom. —RosyMama


i was vaguely aware of a tv show called ironsides, about a lawyer in a wheelchair. whenever i heard the word “paralegal”, i thought it meant a paraplegic lawyer. it made sense to me that people in wheelchairs could make excellent lawyers, based on the nature of the job and their physical limitations. —cesarjulius


That the Underground Railroad was a literal secret underground subway style steam engine that Harriet Tubman was the conductor of. —BMoreGirly


That the local mosque in my city was Aladdin’s vacation home. —Jojorieke


I felt terrible as a kid to eat.

I wouldn’t eat in front of people and every meal I would find myself thinking “poor food, getting eaten ” because I was convinced they had emotions. —Porcupine98


Own two credit cards and use them to pay for each other for infinite money —Squildo


I thought that the hockey player Peter Taglianetti was actually two people: a man named Pete Tagli and his sidekick Eddie. —Daventhal

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