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People Are Sharing The Double Standards That Upset Them The Most — 34 Stories

*Refuses to get in shape, but also asks that his Tinder matches be in top physical condition*

16. Sad but true.

“Bisexual women are sexualized. Bisexual men are shunned.” –Jack_Pecker

17. This is a Mark Normand joke, but also a good point.

“I f-cking yearn for the day when someone going to a therapist to support your mental health is treated socially how going to the gym is for your physical health. Like just imagine if in a room full of dudes (am a dude) someone said they really made gains in therapy and the homies were supportive. It would legit make the world a better place but somehow taking care of mental health gets looked down on a lot. Fuck that.” –SpiffAZ

18. Bosses have a lot of work to do.

“Business should do whatever it takes to get ahead, but if the employee tries to make their life better, or find a new job, they are lazy and ungrateful.” –CupofTuffles

19. As a person who was once an underage boy, I agree.

“Child predators. Both men and women should receive the same charges.” –Illimani_again

20. Predatory behavior is everywhere.

“I’m a straight male. I went to a gay bar with some gay women and their straight married women friends. One of the straight women was being basically sexually harassed by another gay woman there, to the point of being chased around the table, all the while saying she was married to a guy and she wanted nothing to do with it. The whole bar was laughing. If I did that to a woman in a regular bar, I’d get my ass kicked, thrown out, or arrested.” –Hebshesh

21. Who knew that abusive people were also bad listeners?

“Someone can treat you however they want and nobody says a word, but the minute you say anything back you’re the villain. It makes me sick!” –EclipsedByShadow

22. I bake and cook all the time!

“Baking is for women. I love watching baking shows and seeing the creativity. I was recently inspired to make a father-daughter pact to bake something with my five-year-old daughter at least once a week. Next weekend, I am teaching her to make a checkerboard pattern cake (teaching myself, too). Last weekend, we made homemade bread, and she has been asking for a slice of that bread with every meal until now it is almost gone.” –Jim2718

23. The rich people pass.

“Wealthy people don’t seem to be accountable for white collar crimes like poor people who commit petty crimes. Wealthy people get huge tax breaks and can spend more money on themselves or invest to make even more. Investments are taxed at lower rates so people that can afford to invest make even more. Meanwhile those at the bottom get no wage adjustments for inflation while the cost of everything else increases from inflation. Benefits and pensions are cut so the wealthy get rich from the profits as a result of lower pay and benefits. Corporations can move to tax sheltered countries to avoid paying more taxes. The average person gets none of this and is paying more out of pocket. Look at Bernie Madoff who went for years stealing other people’s money and no prosecutions from the 2008 financial crisis. I guess it’s easier to go after the poor, powerless and weak.” –NatureNut70

24. Do the work, you jerks.

“MD/DO have to do 4 years of medical school. 3 years of residency ( minimum can vary by speciality). X years of fellowship (varies by speciality). 12,000 hours minimum not including fellowship which varies to practice independently. Nurse practitioners complete a 18-24 month program with 500 hours and can practice independently in 28 states.” –Lonelykingty

25. This has happened to me many times, and I’m sad to say I was fine with it.

“I’m a young guy. One of my female coworkers slapped my ass about a month ago. I didn’t say anything because I really didn’t care too much, but if the roles were reversed I’d be out of here faster than I could say sexual harassment.” –piratestarx38

26. Even the human body has double standards.

“If I wake up at 4pm and go to bed at 9am, I’m lazy, do nothing all day, etc. Wake up at 4am, bed at 9. You’re seen as a responsible member of society. Doesn’t matter if you work the EXACT same number of hours, make the same money, do the exact amount of housework.” –Elistariel

27. Nice to see a man doing a man’s work.

“The one that probably affects me the most directly is that idea that if I have my kids out with me alone, I’m either some miracle from the Heavens “doing Gods work” (a stranger actually said that to me), or hearing the “Awww, is it Daddy’s day to babysit?” F-CK YOU KAREN I’M THE STAY AT HOME PARENT AND IT’S NOT BABYSITTING WHEN THEY’RE MY F-CKING KIDS! Mr. Mom came out in 1983 and I still can’t get a break about it.” –littlebeefidiot

28. Same here.

“Clothes from the women’s section fall apart after six months. Meanwhile I have a 15-year-old shirt from the men’s section that I still wear.” –Pseudonymico

29. I do not see the lie in this statement.

“Teaching about about how bad Hitler and the Holocaust were, while the collective nations of the world do nothing about China and its treatment of Uyghurs while enjoying cheap electronics.” –AFLBabble

30. Everything’s a waste of time when you don’t believe in anything.

“Playing video games is a waste of time, unproductive and you should be ashamed of doing that in your free time if you’re older than 18, in fact you’re immature if you do. But reading a book, watching TV/Netflix, going to a bar/club/etc, is completely fine and encouraged for all ages (well except bars and clubs). Why the hell do people despise video games specifically with such a passion?

You’re playing games when you could be something productive” bullshit, you wouldn’t say that to someone doing anything that I specified above during their free time, but you would to someone playing games, regardless if they actually were productive during the rest of the day or not.” –Puzzlehead-Engineer

31. Treat people like human beings, please.

“Benefiting from somebody performing a service while shitting on individual’s who perform said service.” –ResilientRunner

32. This is a rough reality.

“I was at the park working out a few years ago and on a bench was a couple arguing. The girl proceeds to slap the crap out of her boyfriend. She then goes for another, but the dude blocked her and held her wrist. The girl then burst into tears and questions why he hurt her like that. To myself I was thinking, wait you can hit him but when he defends himself its wrong?” –RRDude1000

33. Sounds like a friendly person.

“Having opinions on styles. Was at a bar with some friends and the girls were making fun of this guys hair. Then a girl came in with the buzzed side of the head thing and I commented that I wasn’t a fan of that style and they got super defensive for her and telling me she can do whatever she wants and I can go fuck myself.” –whateverisnttaken22

34. I agree. Knowing anything is geeky.

“Know a lot of gaming knowledge and lore? OMG, what a geek. Know every member of every Super Bowl and World Series winning team? What a cool guy!” –Sethor


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