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People Are Sharing The Double Standards That Upset Them The Most — 34 Stories

*Refuses to get in shape, but also asks that his Tinder matches be in top physical condition*

Double standards are the worst.

For instance, reading a book in a bar while I drink a beer is sexy and cool, but as soon as I try to get drunk at the library, I’m “under arrest.” I kid, of course. Double standards that disgust people are your garden-variety “men get away with this, while women can’t even do that.” The hypocrisy is staggering.

Not all double standards are about male privilege or race though. Some are just annoying and specific. Thankfully, people took the first step to eliminating them from our society by posting about them on the internet.

One Reddit user asked the big question, “What double standard disgusts you?” and people had a lot to say on the subject.

Here are the double standards that absolutely infuriate people:

1. Politicians should practice what they preach. Always.

“Politicians not following their own Covid guidelines. It has become Rules for thee, but not for me.” –IlIllIIIlllllI

2. People should be protected from companies, not the other way around.

“If you owe a company money, you will be charged interest/late fees/service interruption almost immediately after the due date. If a company owes you money, you might see it in 4-6 weeks/2-3 billing cycles.” –rizzo1717

3. The parents’ room is for parents only.

“On multiple occasions of taking either of my children to the “parents” room to change their nappies whilst out and about, I often receive dirty looks from the mothers and have even been asked to leave once. It’s a parents room, not mothers. I just want to care for my damn children the same as you.” –OnlyGetsGold

4. Having perspective is good, but don’t do it this way.

“When people tell you not to be upset because other people have it worse. That’s like saying “don’t be happy, other people have it better”. –DrakosTheAvenger

5. The greatest sin of 2020.

“Saying COVID-19 is a hoax but being top of the list for a vaccine.” –BrandinoSwift

6. Thank god you took a vacation, people.

“Right now in Canada, we’re in strict lockdown but a dozen of our politicians have been found vacationing around the globe. In other words, we can’t bury grandma at a funeral, but these politicians can go work their tan. Thankfully, many of them have resigned in the last 2 weeks.” –uMuffin

7. There’s no winning at work.

“If you always arrive to work late you’re in big trouble. If work never finishes on time, ‘shrug, no big deal.’” –Iammeimei

8. Rules are rules.

“No limit on sick days” policy followed by an annual evaluation where I was told I took the most sick days. Either fucking dock my pay, take away my vacation days, or change your policy. Don’t make employees feel like assholes because of guidelines you laid out for them.” –syringistic

9. Give me my money, money place!

“Banks/businesses can immediately withdraw money from your bank account (and apply all their disgusting fees). But for banks/businesses to give you money, you “have to wait 7-10 business days for the funds to appear.” –dbadefense1990

10. The rich get richer. That’s the law of the land.

“Rich people getting money from the government vs poor people getting money from the government.” –classy_rachael

11. The sad truth is that while you’re almost a legal adult, you have about 10-20 years before that stops.

“As a 17 year old I am expected to act like an adult but treated like child.” –LargePPman_

12. The good news is: sometimes you’re asked to leave immediately if you’re bad at your job.

“The employee should give two weeks notice, anything else is unprofessional. But the employer will actively obscure their intentions until the very last minute.” –Jetpack-Katt

13. Deep thought right here.

“Dogs can bite us but we can’t bite them.” –sayacunai

14. Stop making cop shows is my take.

“Basically being against violence but making comments about how men will get raped in prison. It’s disgusting and it’s so mainstream. Every cop show makes some comment about prison rape being okay. Even shows like SVU where their entire storyline should be about protecting people.” –_biggerthanthesound_

15. This would actually be the funniest movie ever made.

“Those romantic comedies with the cliché beautiful and smart woman married to the dumbest fuck of a guy who is lucky to have her. Swap the roles and see people flip out.” –Devistator