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    NFL Beauty Makeovers (GALLERY)

    A new NFL season is about to get underway in a few hours, and while every NFL team has undergone some sort of roster or organization makeover this offseason, we thought it was time to get several key members of the NFL family a nice beauty makeover. This way they can start the season truly refreshed and feeling beautiful with nothing but positive thoughts on the horizon.


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    50 Dirtiest Sports Headlines Of All Time

    Sports can be a dirty business both on and off the field. Fortunately, the world of sports journalism occasionally does its part to make sure the sports world doesn’t clean up its act too much. Sports are hard, but the key to being successful is to attack an opening and avoid people that are coming directly […] More

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    55 Legendary NFL Fan Glamour Shots

    The 2014-15 NFL season kicks off tomorrow night so we thought it was time for us to pay our respects to the jersey-wearing, obnoxious sports bar screaming superfans that we never knew had such a glamorous side. More

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    Athletes Who Were Born To Be Teammates

    Whether it’s cosmic forces, destiny, or Murphy’s Law, some athletes were simply born to be teammates. These athletes have last names that work together like mashed potatoes and Sriracha. One might even go as far as saying that their names go together like french fries and more french fries. Yeah, that’s the sports metaphor I […] More

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    The 50 Funniest College Football Fan Signs Ever (GALLERY)

    The 2017-18 College Football season officially kicks off Thursday, so we thought we’d kick start the festivities with this gallery of the funniest college football fan signs ever. When it comes to college football signs, nobody is safe, and this includes coaches, the ESPN College Gameday crew and Nickleback. It should be noted that extreme levels […] More

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    The Funniest College Football Fan Moments Supercut (VIDEO)

    In honor of the 2017-18 college football season kicking off Saturday, we proudly present this supercut of the funniest fan moments caught on camera. Warning: No egos were harmed in the making of this video because college football fans are immune to that thing we like to call “shame.” More

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