The Worst NFL Trading Cards Of All Time

NFL cards have never quite had the prestige of baseball or basketball cards, but they've certainly been just as horrible over the years. These are the absolute worst trading cars in NFL history.

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Ordinary Girls Who Totally Look Like Male Celebrities

Ladies and gentleman... this photo gallery of ordinary women who totally look like male celebrities is the greatest form of gender equality in the history of the internet. Oh great, here we go. Baby, I'm

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Dogs Who Know How To “Fashion”

Deciding what to wear every single day is one of life's most taxing tasks. It's the same process every single morning. You wake up, take a shower, look in the closet for a few minutes and finally say, "Eh, good enough." Below you will witness dogs who never commit fashion "faux paws." The best-dressed dogs on the internet. Dogs who know how to "fashion." (VIA)

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Young Photos of Star Wars Cast Members (from All 9 Movies)

Star Wars mania kicks off today with The Last Jedi hitting theaters nationwide on Friday. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, your favorite Star Wars cast members took awkward yearbook photos just like the rest of us. It's time to take a seat in your Millenium Falcon bean bag chair, pour yourself a tall glass of blue milk, and go back to a time when your favorite Star Wars cast members were a little short for a Storm Trooper. We've g

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Actors Laughing Between Takes (GALLERY)

If you think about it, "actors laughing between takes" are basically the photographic version of movie bloopers. And if you want to make these funny behind the scenes photos a fun gam

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