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  • Fergie's All Star Game National Anthem

    Twitter Has A Field Day With Fergie’s All-Star Game National Anthem

    Unless you’re Lieutenant Frank Drebin, Police Squad or Whitney Houston, you want to keep your rendition of the national anthem pretty straightforward. The former lead vocalist of The Black Eyed Peas decided to try her own sexy “Fergie-fried” anthem before the 2018 NBA All-Star Game Sunday at Staples Center and Twitter is having an absolute field […] More

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    Plane Forced To Land After Passenger Wouldn’t Stop Farting

    A Dutch airlines flight, flying from Dubai to Amsterdam was turned into Dutch oven after a passenger wouldn’t stop farting, forcing an unexpected landing in Vienna. An elderly overweight man has been blamed for causing quite the stink, refusing to end his devastating fart attack, even after repeated requests to stop from the pilot and […] More

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    13+ Hilarious Used Car Ads That Are Refreshingly Honest

    The used car business isn’t exactly known for its honesty or integrity, but these hilarious used car ads might change that perspective.  They’re proof that there are inventive ways to sell a used car besides using tired cliches like solid transportation, runs great, and some rust. We’ve all been burned by false advertising at some point in our […] More

  • Google Tests Robot Texting

    Google Robot Reply Texting To Relieve Stress Of Human Interaction

    People who rarely return phone calls, take an average of 2-3 days to respond to texts, and friends who are always “super busy lately” can rejoice as initial tests for Google robot reply texting began this week. Google’s Area 120 experimental lab is currently experimenting with a new system called Reply that empowers introverts with an AI-based response system […] More

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    21 + Valentine’s Day Tweets You’ll Fall in Love With

    A wise man once said, “what is love?” A wise woman once said, “what’s love got to do with it? What do they both have in common? Well, neither of them grew up in the age of Twitter or had access to Valentine’s Day tweets that could answer the most important questions about that crazy little thing called love. Valentine’s […] More

  • pyeongchang pf changs

    Internet Roasts ABC News For Confusing Pyeongchang With P. F. Chang’s

    America’s hunger for the 2018 Winter Olympics reached new heights today as ABC 7 in Chicago confused Pyeongchang with P. F. Chang’s China Bistro and the internet is having a field day with the graphics blunder. A spokeswoman for the local news affiliate, Jayme Nicholas apologized for the unfortunate mistake and told the Chicago Tribune the […] More

  • taco bell nacho fries

    Taco Bell Nacho Fries Drove Twitter Absolutely Insane

    Taco Bell Nacho Fries. Yes, those four magical words now exist simultaneously with a purpose thanks to Taco Bell and their latest fast-food science amalgamation. Unless you live in one of those weird yurt things without a television, then you’ve probably witnessed Taco Bell’s recent commercial coup d’etat in America, starring Josh Duhamel. So the question is: Are Taco […] More

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    Valentine’s Day Ideas Gone Horribly Wrong

    Valentine’s Day 2018 is almost here and it’s never too early to start coming up with some killer Valentine’s Day ideas in your quest for true love. Consider this photo gallery of Valentine’s Day promotions gone horribly wrong your guide of what not to do and what Valentine’s Day gifts to avoid if you don’t want […] More

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    Funny Figure Skating Faces

    The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games are in full swing which means the internet will once again be treated to another fantastic new collection of funny figure skating faces. Everything from figure skaters who look like they just experienced an exorcism to pair figure skaters who also look like they literally just farted. Figure skating […] More

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    McDonald’s French Fries May Cure Baldness, Study Says

    In what may be the most positive news story to come out of America since 2015, Researchers at Yokohama National University recently discovered that they could regrow hair in mice with a chemical used in “cooking” of McDonald’s french fries. Using this magical chemical, Yokohama researchers mass-produced “hair follicle germs” (HFG) that might become a more effective (and delicious) treatment […] More

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    Perfect Collar Tags For Free-Swinging, Freewheeling Pets

    Pets are way funnier than us humans give them credit for and if they could talk, there would probably be a ton of successful dog and cat stand-up comedians. If you’re currently sharing a residence with a free-swinging, freewheeling pet, make sure you get them one of these funny pet collar tags so you know […] More

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    That Feeling When (GALLERY)

    You know that feeling when you’ve been on the internet way too much? That feeling when you realize it’s been several days since words have escaped your mouth? Well, this is probably the reason why you’ve arrived here at this particular point in your own human history. The internet is all about expressing feelings for better or […] More

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