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    Honest Valentine’s Day Cards (20 PICTURES)

    They say the key to a successful relationship is honesty but it also has a lot to do with liking to do cool stuff with another person that doesn’t involve clothing of any kind. With Valentine’s Day 2015 right around the corner, we thought it was time we all got a little more honest with that special someone.


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    Valentine’s Day Ideas Gone Horribly Wrong

    Valentine’s Day 2018 is almost here and it’s never too early to start coming up with some killer Valentine’s Day ideas in your quest for true love. Consider this photo gallery of Valentine’s Day promotions gone horribly wrong your guide of what not to do and what Valentine’s Day gifts to avoid if you don’t want […] More

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    Perfect Collar Tags For Free-Swinging, Freewheeling Pets

    Pets are way funnier than us humans give them credit for and if they could talk, there would probably be a ton of successful dog and cat stand-up comedians. If you’re currently sharing a residence with a free-swinging, freewheeling pet, make sure you get them one of these funny pet collar tags so you know […] More

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    That Feeling When (GALLERY)

    You know that feeling when you’ve been on the internet way too much? That feeling when you realize it’s been several days since words have escaped your mouth? Well, this is probably the reason why you’ve arrived here at this particular point in your own human history. The internet is all about expressing feelings for better or […] More

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    Passive Aggressive Office Note Wars (GALLERY)

    There is a subtle art to being passive aggressive and one of the greatest canvases for this art form is a well-placed office note. A passive aggressive office note is also the perfect way to address something that’s bothering you at your place of work while annoying the entire office at the exact same time. Leaving thumbtacks on the […] More

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    Growing Up Sucks (GALLERY)

    We’re warned many times as kids to enjoy our childhood because things only get worse. We ignore these adult words of wisdom, finish school, get a job, and the next thing you know we’re adults. Adults that just realized growing up sucks. Then we spend the next 30-40 years complaining about growing up online with other […] More

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    The More You Know… (GALLERY)

    They say knowledge is power. They also say that money talks, but most of mine just waves goodbye, so who knows what to believe these days. The good news is the internet is always here to give us more knowledge on a daily basis. Facts and studies that make us more informed if we choose to […] More

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    The 22 Funniest Anti-Exercise Memes Ever

    Don’t even think about getting up. Just sit on your perfectly-symmetrical booty and enjoy this photo gallery of the funniest anti-exercise memes, because that’s what your booty was made for. This gallery is dedicated to people who think exercise is stupid because they have an incredibly valid point. Don’t worry about the exercise folk trolling […] More

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    Amazing and Hilarious Worst First Date Tweets

    Having a bad first date is a dating right of passage. It’s kind of like falling in love the first time and getting your heart broken shortly thereafter or trying the Doritos Los Taco for the first time only to find out it wasn’t everything you thought it would be. Most success in life comes after […] More

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