45 Hilarious Software Glitches And Computer Fails

When computers and software take an inadvertent comedic spin.

Interacting with technology is like riding a rollercoaster—you never quite know whether you’re in for a smooth ride or a wild loop-de-loop. Sure, our gadgets and software make life easier, but let’s be real, they also have a knack for throwing us some curveballs.

Sometimes you’re typing away, minding your own business, and suddenly, bam! Your screen freezes, your cursor pulls a disappearing act, and you’re left staring at your computer like, “Seriously? Again?” It’s enough to make even the most patient among us want to hurl our devices out the window. But here’s the silver lining: sometimes those tech tantrums lead to moments so absurdly funny, you can’t help but laugh. Whether it’s a glitch that turns your spreadsheet into a Picasso masterpiece or a software fail that sends your email to the wrong person (awkward), there’s no denying the comedy gold hidden in the chaos.

1. I Burned So Many Calories, I Am Air Now

2. Sheets Is Not Okay.

3. I Don’t Know If I’m Right Or Wrong

4. I Have No Words

5. Being 6 Ft Does Exist

6. The Process Has

7. Your Speed Is What?

8. I Guess My Delivery Driver Is Doomed To Failure

9. The Sims Glitches Never Fail To Amuse

10. I Don’t Think That’s How Time Works

11. My Answers Are All Wrong, Somehow

12. Finally, I Can Watch All My Favorite Films In Unknown Language

13. What Is It Asking Me To Do?

14. Thanks For The Warning?

15. Robot Vacuum Got Confused And Thought It Had Just Discovered A Lost Realm

16. I Don’t Know What My Car Wants

17. I Think I Found Atlantis

18. Yes… 24/7

19. So Close

20. Nice Beard

21. The Baby Monitor Has A Temperature Sensor. I Think It Is Time To Turn The Air Conditioning On

22. I Overcharged My Phone

23. Today Is Flat-Earthers’ Day

24. Out Of Smiles

25. I Think There Might Be An Error Preventing This Slide Show From Playing

26. I Think It’ll Be A Bit Cold

27. If You Think You Are Procrastinating

28. Solving America’s Tipping Culture Problem

29. A New Emotion

30. You Know The Drought Has Been Rough When Starbucks Is Like This. Thanks For Nothing Starbucks, Didn’t Realize Water Was A Seasonal Item

31. What Is A Democrdoes?

32. It’s All Half-Life.

33. Looks Like The Weather Calls For A Lucid Nightmare!

34. My App Icons Went On Vacation Without Telling Me 🙁

35. Software Derp, How On Earth Do You Capitalize a “-“?

36. Feedback Update. Confirm?

37. Where The Hell Am I Going To?

38. This Could Take Forever

39. I Am A Bit Of A Celebrity As You Can See

40. When Your Airline’s Software Is Being A Misogynist

41. “Hollow Knight” Game Has Infected Every App On My Computer

42. My Nothing Watch Shows Negative Step Count

43. Scheduling A Vaccine At Walgreens And All Of The “Yes” Options Say “Forks”

44. Can’t Wait For Ahsoka To Come Out In 977 Years

45. Power Went Out For A Second And Sent The System Spiraling At Work