Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Have Finally Squashed All Of The Beef Between Them

It all started in 2017…

In 2017, fans began posting on Twitter that Nicki was throwing shade at Cardi’s freestyle video on social media by liking a comment where someone said it “dumb ass bars.”

Nicki, however, said it was completely photoshopped and she never liked any comments.

But, in May 2017, Nicki was featured on Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” and had a very distinct line that seemed to be targeted at Cardi. Nicki raps:

“Silly rap beefs just get me more checks / My life is a movie, I’m never off set / Me and my amigos (no, not Offset).”

As everyone knows, Offset and Cardi B were/are married. Cardi went on Instagram live to discuss the diss.

People think I’m just very out there, but I’m really not. I’m actually low-key. I’m very low-key because I’m a Libra. It’s so whack. Now that I’m here, now that I’m considered a musician, it’s so crazy how these bitches and these niggas that I looked up to, they trying to crush my mic, and these are people that I used to look up to, used to listen to their record, used to be like, ‘Damn, I wish I could make a song with him and her. …. Yo, they album is so fire.’ It’s the same people that, now that I’m in the industry, is deadass trying to crush my mic, and that’s some whack shit, my nigga. That’s some real whack shit. I’m so highly disappointed and hurt.

She also tweeted:

At Hot 97’s Summer Jam in 2017, Cardi was brought on stage by another female rapper–Remy Ma. Anyone who knows Nicki Minaj knows that she’s had beef with Remy Ma for years.

Remy Ma even performed some of her song “ShETHER” which is known as a Nicki Minaj diss track. She even had a photo of Nicki herself on stage during the performance.

In August 2017, Cardi appeared on stage talking about someone who “doesn’t like her” and all the sudden wanted to be “friends with her.”

You know this bitch, right? She never fucking liked me, and now all of a sudden she decided she wants to be friends with me. No, bitch.

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A few weeks later, Nicki appeared on a song “No Flags” with London on da Track, Offset, and 21 Savage. Her verse seemed to be a huge sub at someone.

Lil bitch I heard these labels tryna make another me
Everything you getting, lil hoe, is cause of me
I heard I’m stopping bags, word to Shaggy it wasn’t me
These bitches is my sons, but they daddy ain’t bust in me
I’m a white picket fence bitch, you a on the bench bitch
See me in the gym, now these bitches wanna go bench press
I ain’t fucking with you sis, we ain’t with the incest
Yes I am the Queen, I’m still trying to find a princess

Fans quickly pointed fingers at Nicki, saying she was obviously subbing Cardi. But, Nicki denied this, too.

Hours after the tweet, Cardi retaliated with a verse from her own song, “Bodak Yellow.”

In September 2017, Cardi released “No Limits” with G-Eazy, in which fans thought she was talking about Nicki–again.

My career takin’ off, these hoes jogging in place / Swear these hoes run they mouth, how these hoes out of shape? / Can you stop with all the subs? Bitch, I ain’t Jared.

When asked on 105.1’s The Breakfast Club if the line was about Nicki, Cardi said:

“People don’t understand that I got beef with 10 bitches in the hood, and I still be in the hood.”

And, that Nicki “never fucked her man.” Therefore denying any beef.

Later that month, Cardi B made history when “Bodak Yellow” by becoming the second female rapper with a No. 1 hit song on the Billboard Hot 100. When the news broke, Nicki tweeted congratulations to Cardi.

Cardi even said thanks.

In October 2017, the two had some weird vibes when both women were featured on “MotorSport” with Migos. The two were both featured in the music video, but not together in any scenes. Fans thought it stirred the pot even more about their beef. Nicki said they had used the same hair/makeup woman, therefore were unable to film together.

Cardi was then featured in an interview saying that the two spoke beforehand, but that Nicki’s verse was totally different once she got on the song.

“When I heard the track, her verse wasn’t finished – well, it’s not the verse that is out right now – and Quavo told me to get on the song, and I just felt like it was a perfect opportunity for me to be on a track that’s big like that.”

But, Nicki claimed she was on the song originally with just Quavo, not Migos or Cardi and it was her choice to add Cardi to the song.

Nicki also tweeted a sub clearly aimed at Cardi.

In December 2017, fans accused Cardi B of trying to “imitate” Nicki in the “No Limits” music video–manerisms and all. Nicki simply tweeted:

In 2018…

In April 2018, Cardi B released her first albumInvasion of Privacy. When appearing on Beats 1 with Ebro, Cardi said of the beef between the two rappers:

“I just feel like it’s really internet made-up. I really feel like fans and people really want to see that happen because it’s really entertaining. To see people beef is entertaining.

Like, I ain’t gonna front, when Nicki and Remy [Ma] was beefing, everyone was tuning and asking, ‘What’s next? What’s next?’”

“But I don’t really have the time for that. If you not fucking my man, or if you’re not taking my money from me, if you’re not stopping my money, then I don’t really give a fuck about you.”

That same week, Nicki released two singles off of her new album, Queen–”Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz.” Nicki was featured on  Zane Lowe’s show on Beats 1 to discuss the songs. She finally opened up about the beef with Cardi saying:

The only thing that Cardi did that really hurt my feelings was the first interview after ‘Motorsport’ came out. It just really hurt me because the only thing she kept saying was, ‘I didn’t hear that verse. She changed her verse.’ I kind of felt ambushed.

She said that she was also mad that Quavo didn’t have her back. She additionally referenced the interview with Ebro Cardi had done that week saying:

“I really fully supported her and up until this recent interview I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview. I can just imagine how many girls wish they could of been on a song with Nicki Minaj. I’m not saying it in a cocky way.”

The same day Nicki appeared on Beats 1, the original “MotorSport” lyrics leaked online where Nicki can be heard throwing Cardi’s name in:

I’m with a couple bad bitches that’ll rip the party
If Cardi the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi
Pull up in the space coupe, I done linked with Marty
I can actually afford to get a pink Bugatti

But, Nicki said that Atlantic Record requested she should make the lyric change based on a request from Quavo–not Nicki herself.

In May 2018, the two were seen talking at the Met Gala and everything seemed okay.

Nicki appeared on The Howard Stern Show and said the two spoke at the Met Gala and cleared the air.

I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding. I think she felt a certain type of way about something. I definitely felt a certain type of way about something. I didn’t wanna ever talk about it in public because I felt like we gonna see each other again and we will talk about it, and it’s always, like, little issues. The thing is, it’s always little issues, but you know, fans are always gonna make it a big thing.

I spoke to her about it. I spoke to her at the Met Gala about it, and it’s just like, see? It’s just something that had to be talked about because it was an issue.

In August 2018, Nicki dropped her new album, Queen. Fans quickly realized that on “Ganja Burns” Nicki throws shade at a female rapper who doesn’t write her own lyrics.

Unlike a lot of these hoes whether wack or lit/At least I can say I wrote every rap I spit.

Like Cardi, Nicki appeared on Beats 1 by Ebro and was asked about the Cardi beef. She said:

“Now, I didn’t know Cardi and I had an issue, but I guess we do since you’re saying it and other people are saying it. To me, she may have taken an issue with things that I’ve said, but I’m not going to bite my tongue…. You gotta have thick skin. People talk shit about me all the time…. You can’t be expect to be liked and loved and praised all the fuckin’ time. Give me a break.”

At the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, both Cardi and Nicki were there. It seems like on more than one occasion, Cardi was throwing shade at Nicki. First, when she opened the show:

And then at the end during he acceptance speech.

By the end of August, it seemed that Nicki had completely blocked Cardi on social media.

And, fans proved it.

It all came to a head on September 8th at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. Cardi apparently went up to Nicki aggressively as rumors have been circulating that Nicki has been running her mouth about Cardi and her baby. Cardi approached Nicki and immediately, Nicki had security take over.

Sources say Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj and was escorted out with a huge lump on her head, which was allegedly from security.

She later posted to her Instagram page about the situation, saying she was done when her child was mentioned after letting everything else in the past slide.

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Nicki Minaj did not comment on the situation but instead posted selfie videos to her Instagram showing she was left without a scratch.

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The two kept speaking about the drama that occurred in the media spotlight, insinuating that it was the other party’s fault for starting the fight. Multiple stories have come out about how Cardi got her lump, who threw the first shout/punch, and why they were fighting–but, Minaj seems to be the catalyst for ending the 1.5 year feud.

And, that’s the tea, sis!