18 Nifty Accessories That’ll Make Your Desk The Envy Of The Office


We’ve all had one of those days (or weeks) at the office when the hours just seem to crawl by. Meeting after pointless meeting and monotonous reports slowly drain you of all motivation and energy. Sound familiar? While there isn’t too much we can do about the work itself, there are a few ways to make the day a little more bearable. I find that having some fun, personalized desk accessories always gives me something to smile about even on the longest of days. If your desk could use a little touch of personality, check out these nifty products that’ll make your space the envy of the office. You’re welcome.

*Tbh, we may receive a small portion of the sales made on this page which we will probably use to buy the products on this page.

18. This Persian rug mousepad that’ll make you feel like royalty.

Ahem, your majesty would like those reports turned in posthaste.

Get it on Amazon for $11.35

17. A set of jelly highlighters that your coworkers will definitely try to steal.

No, Janis, you may not “borrow” my marker.

Get it on Amazon for $6.99 

16. One of these gorgeous watercolor mousepad calendars.

Or snag all three and treat your favorite coworkers.

Get it on Paper Source for $14.95

15. A pack of cosmic sticky notes you’ll actually enjoy using on those lengthy sales reports.

A planet for you and a planet for you—everyone gets a planet!

Get it on Amazon for $6.99

14. This deeply satisfying squishy ball that’ll help you focus when there’s just too much work to do.

It also helps relieve stress when your boss keeps “checking in”.

Get it on Paper Source for $4.95

13. A snarky notepad to help you keep track of your productivity.

Just look at all of the sh*t I’m getting done today!

Get it on Etsy for $12.00

12. This collection of assorted animal paper clips that will make your documents stand out.

Who doesn’t love an elephant paper clip??

Get it on Amazon for $7.91

11. A set of colorful pencils that are engraved with the best quotes from Parks & Rec.

Friends, waffles, and work—what more could you possibly need?

Get it on Amazon for $15.00

10. This wacky wavy mini tube guy that’ll keep the energy going all day long.

Like the ones you see at car dealerships, but tiny and cute.

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $12.95

9. An otter-ly adorable tape dispenser that will never fail to make you smile.

It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Get it on ModCloth for $15.00

8. This USB essential oil diffuser to spread calming aromas throughout your cubicle.

Good vibes only, please.

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $40.00