19 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 2 Scenes Ranked From Dumbest To ‘Oh, Hell Yes’

A lot went down in the Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones. While we haven’t seen a battle just yet, there was enough going on between characters to leave us satisfied—though not quite as satisfied as Gendry after dogging Arya Stark.

19. Tyrion complaining about dying in Winterfell (15:11)

Let’s face it—the Lannisters hate Winterfell and have since the pilot episode. Tyrion complaining to Jaime as if they’re better than the Starks and everyone in Winterfell is tired. You’re all fighting the same battle. Get over it.

18. Jaime apologizing to Bran at that same weirwood tree (12:24)

Jaime’s apology was weak—plus, Bran basically told him it’s mundane because they’re all going to die in the battle anyway. Either that or GoT writers are trying to just make us fear the worst.

17. Podrick singing (52:35)

Until I find out what Pod did to those girls, I’m not going to accept anything less from him.

16. The Hound complaining and moaning, as per usual (39:59)

Arya had the right idea to get up and move—who wants to spend their final hours listening to a guy with a burnt face complain about dying?

15. Tormund bragging that he drank a giant’s breast milk for…months (39:04)

No one asked to hear it, and, no one asked to watch him drool all over himself, either.

14. Daenerys throwing a tantrum over Tyrion believing Cersei (8:51)

Daenerys is starting to get that whole “Mad Queen” vibe going now that she’s finally being challenged by families who matter in terms of the Iron Throne. Sure, taking over the Dothraki and smaller cities were easy—but now that she’s playing with the big guns, she’s folding under the pressure.

13. Daenerys begging Sansa to support her by using Sansa’s love for Jon (20:10)

Sansa proved that she will do what her father has taught his children to do—protect the North and their family name. Dany trying to manipulate her using her “love” for her brother left a poor taste in my mouth.

12. Grey Worm telling Missandei they should go to an island together, so they can get away from all the racists in the North (32:50)

People are pretty unhappy to see that two of the kindest people on GoT are hated so much because they’re from a different part of the world. It’s nice to see that the two of them are standing by each other, ready to escape all of the hate.

11. Daenerys caring more about the Iron Throne than the fact that she’s dogging her nephew (54:01)

Shouldn’t you be concerned that you just professed your love for your nephew? And that you had sex with your nephew?

10. Bran letting everyone knowthat he and the Night King are attached and he “always knows where Bran is at all times.” (28:43)

Clearly, this is some new information that can be a game-changer in the battle. While we knew the Night King and Bran had some attachment, we didn’t know that he was after Bran to “erase humanities’ memory.” Now, knowing what he truly wants, it’s interesting to see how things will play out.

9. Tormund telling Brienne to “f**k tradition,” and become a knight (46:57)


Tormund, feminist of the year. Who doesn’t love that smiling, proud hubby face watching his “Big Woman” become a “Ser?”

8. Arya letting Gendry know she’s seen death numerous times (11:25)

We love a strong, passionate, cunning female lead in any show—but one that continuously proves that girls can be fighters, well, that’s what 2019 is all about.

7. Samwell finally standing up for himself and proving he’s more than just a brain (34:53)

Sam is definitely underestimated in the show and, he is one of the first people who ever fought and killed a White Walker. After losing his father and his brother, many expected Sam to fold, but seeing him stand up for himself, even if it’s “just the guys shooting the sh*t,” well it’s moving.

6. Lyanna Mormont telling Jorah that she’ll fight her own damn battles (49:53)

Lyanna Mormont is a mood that everyone should live by. Though she is small, she is mighty.

5. Ghost coming back in the background (33:57)

Thank God for the little things—am I right? If I had to go an entire season without knowing if Ghost was okay, I’d write an angry letter to the showrunners. But—how are they going to just shove him in the background of a conversation and not have an emotional, over-the-top reunion between him and Jon? I call bullsh*t.

4. Theon coming back to Winterfell to fight beside the Starks and that love-gazing between him and Lady Sansa (24:02)

Sansa looks like she’s completely and utterly fawning over Theon—though let us not forget that he has no sausage for her biscuit, thanks to Ramsay Bolton. However, the emotional reunion and reveal that he is no longer Reek, well, it puts a smile on everyone’s face.

3. Bran using Jaime’s own words against him (5:36)

The most savage ploy of the century—a young Bran Stark using Jaime Lannister’s own words against him as he pushed Bran from a window back in Season 1. I felt it in my bones.

2. Brienne finally getting knighted by Jaime Lannister (48:07)

Brienne may not be your favorite character, but God, the woman has had to live confined by these stupid gender roles and Knight rules for years—being called a Lady when all she wanted to be called was a Ser. Despite the weird tension between her and Jaime—it was a sincere and beautiful moment to see her finally get knighted.

1. Arya finally losing her v-card to Gendry (44:27)

We stan a true, passionate, strong Stark Queen. Not only did she go after what she wanted, she demanded she get it. Regardless of how uncomfortable the scene may have been—this left us saying “Hell F**king Yes, Sis.” And, let’s not forget the iconic Sophie Turner coming through with the best reaction to the scene ever.