Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Have Finally Squashed All Of The Beef Between Them

After what seems to be like forever, female rappers and “enemies” Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have officially (and publicly) decided to squash all of their beef and drama. The newfound “love” comes just one day after the two women were trashing each other all over social media.

Nicki Minaj had opened up about the fight between her and Cardi B that had occurred a few months back during New York Fashion Week. Minaj was saying that the lump Cardi B left with was not from security but from her friend Rah–who “ragged her.” Cardi, however, had a different story to tell and issued a dozen Instagram videos calling Minaj a liar and telling her to basically STFU. She additionally threatened to sue Minaj for defamation of character.

After the entire video-saga on Cardi’s Instagram, Minaj decided to make a “peace treaty” on Twitter. She issued a tweet at around 10:30 P.M.–the same day that Cardi went HAM on IG–saying that she wanted to focus only on positive things moving forward. She included that “we’re all so blessed” and she wouldn’t be discussing “this nonsense” anymore. I wonder if it was the threat of a lawsuit…or…

Cardi responded by saying “alright then, let’s keep it positive and keep pushing.”

And, with that, an entire era of drama between the top two female rappers in the industry is dead and gone–for now, at least. Until one of these leading ladies drops a diss track and the beef starts smoking all over again–which, I can count on. But, if you’re wondering how long it’s taken to actually get this drama settled, allow me to break down the entire history of the Nicki Minaj v. Cardi B beef.