Ariana Grande Completely Roasts Piers Morgan On Twitter For Being A D*ck To Her Mother

It’s no secret that Piers Morgan is one of those guys who never shuts the f**k up when he should. He is constantly putting his foot—no, both feet—in his mouth by giving his unwelcomed opinion on everything and anything that comes to his mind. For years, people have told him to just quit, but, he continues on to stay “relevant” by giving “hot takes” on controversial (and honestly, normal) people and issues.

This week, Morgan decided to call out Ellen DeGeneres—America’s most beloved TV host and comedian—on Twitter. In a tweet, Morgan said that Ellen was “wrong” for drooling over famous men’s bodies on her TV show, when she was looking at men’s abs during a segment. He compared this to speaking about another woman’s legs and getting dragged by people online.

In all reality, we know people dragged Morgan because he’s a POS. Ellen, on the other hand, donates time and money to charitable causes and is not a POS. There’s why you were called out, Morgan—wake up.

Morgan decided to attack, again, more women on social media and on public TV by calling out the female group Little Mix for posing naked for a photoshoot—claiming the group stole the idea from the Dixie Chicks.

Following the tweet, single Jesy Nelson shared a sexy snap online, calling Morgan a “twat.” Morgan, of course, retaliated behind his big, scary keyboard.

Out of the blue, however, Ariana Grande’s mother—who is a goddess—called Morgan out saying that he is disgraceful.

Morgan, being the giant wad of used cum tissue that he is, told Grande’s mother that Little Mix should stick to using their talents instead of using their sexuality and nudity to sell records…the way her daughter, Ariana Grande, does.

Oh. Okay then. If you haven’t heard, Morgan, Ariana Grande is brand new this year and she is on a brand new, savage journey of self-love and clap-backs. So, you best bet our Grande came full-force for Morgan.

She first said that Ellen is incredible, and explained that women can be sexual and talented because it’s their choice.

She then showed love to Little Mix, saying she had their back.

Also, she added that Morgan is hella pathetic for dragging down women just to stay relevant. 

And, called him out for trying to “sell sex” too.

But, she ended it all with one, brilliant, clever, iconic phrase…