Missy Elliot Surprised Her ‘Funky White Sister’ On ‘Ellen’ And Everyone Is Obsessed

A few weeks ago, our girl Mary went viral online after a video of her doing karaoke in the park went viral when she crowned herself Missy Elliot’s “funky white sister” and did an iconic rendition of “Work It.”
The video was shared on Facebook by Mary herself and was seen 13 million times, and people were absolutely obsessed with it. Not only did Mary kill it, but her friend tip-toeing with the noodles behind her was a fan favorite.

Fun times at Goddard Park!Feel free to share 😉 Warning: explicit lyrics lol 😉

Posted by Mary Halsey on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Everyone was talking about Mary, even Missy Elliot herself. The rap diva reposted the video on her Instagram, with a long, loving caption:

And, to top it all off, Mary was such a crowd favorite that Ellen DeGeneres traced her down and had her come on her show for a huge suprise–Missy Elliot herself. Mary was on the show singing her famous cover of “Work It,” when Missy came out and continued the song with her.

Obviously, by seeing the look on Mary’s face, it was a complete surprise to have Missy Elliot come out on stage and finish the song with her. Fans, of course, were obsessed with seeing the two together and knew that it was truly what Mary deserved.