Fans Are Worried About Ariana Grande After Series Of Emotional Tweets

Ariana Grande has had quite a rough year. From the Manchester bombing, her struggles with anxiety, being judged by the entire world for her engagement, getting groped by an older man on national television, and losing her ex-boyfriend to a drug overdose–it’s safe to say the singer is under a lot of emotional distress.
Her decision to take time off from the public was completely understandable, seeing as there’s only so much one person can truly take. But, this week, Grande decided to release some of the emotions she’s been struggling with on her Twitter feed, leaving fans incredibly worried about her.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Grande flipped a switch on fans. She was one to always spread love, joy, and peace–promoting the idea to her fans that everything always works out. This time around, her stance was more worrisome than ever before, letting people know she is struggling.


Fans on Twitter immediately began to send their well wishes and good vibes after seeing Grande in pain.

After seeing the way her fans were worrying about her and reacting, Grande responded to a fan who actually “apologized” if she had done anything to make her upset or angry. Grande said that she’s sorry she worried any fans and she should have known better than to tweet emotionally like that.