Twitter Is Outraged After Pete Davidson Makes Tasteless Joke About Sabotaging Ariana Grande’s Birth Control

Pete Davidson, comedian and fiancé of Ariana Grande, has been known to make some pretty tasteless jokes. Recently, after the couple announced their engagement, Davidson has turned over a new leaf in his comedy sketch-writing which seems to only include jokes about his sex life with Grande.
It was only this week that the comedian got some heavy backlash when he told Howard Stern that he “imagines his dad burning alive in 9/11 to prevent himself from ejaculating with Grande.” Seriously. Now, on this week’s Saturday Night Live premiere, Davidson (again) used his sex life with Grande to get some laughs. Of course, it backfired.

During his appearance on “Weekend Update,” he made a joke about how he was going to “make sure” Grande stayed with him by saying:

“Last night I switched her birth control with Tic-Tacs…I believe in us an all, but I just want to make sure that she can’t go anywhere.”

While it was most likely a joke, people on Twitter were not happy with the idea that Davidson would joke about trapping a woman by manipulating her into a pregnancy–saying that it’s a form of abuse. Additionally, many felt that given the current political climate and conversation surrounding birth control, women’s rights, and sexual abuse–it was tasteless and poorly timed.

PSA: never mess around with a woman’s birth control–ever.