15 True Crime Facts That Will Keep You Tossing And Turning All Night Long

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While there are many people addicted to crime TV shows like Law & Order and CSI, there are those who get high off of the traumatic and terrifying stories of true crime–ones that actually took place somewhere around the world. My boyfriend is one of these people–he can binge watch true crime TV shows and documentaries for hours, feeding off of sociopaths and psychotic episodes.
While true crime, in itself, is absolutely horrifying, finding out some actual facts about serial killers, murders, and people who are downright insane can truly keep you up at night wondering if you know someone that crazy, or, if this can happen to you. BuzzFeed asked their community to share the craziest true crime fact they know and, it’ll haunt your dreams tonight.


Issei Sagawa was a Japanese student in France who killed and ate his lady friend. Because his father was a wealthy influential man, he asked France to return him so they can deal with him at home. France was all “whatever just dont come back to france ever” and LET HIM GO. And Japan is all “it didnt happen here so were not gonna do anything about it” so now hes just living his goddamn life like a normal person who doesnt eat people. He wrote a book or 2 and became a weird kind of celebrity in Japan. He even talks about how he still sees girls on the street and wonders what their legs would taste like, and “fantasizes” about it. He does an interview in a youtube documentary called “the cannibal that walked free.”



Not only was the Golden State Killer a super bad murderer, but he was also the Original Night Stalker AND the East Area Rapist. Just thinking about all the scary shit he’s done gives me chills.



David Parker Ray, the Toy Box Killer, would abduct and drug his victims, take them to his torture room, and put them on a gynecological table. When they woke up, he would play a 30 minute long audio tape to his victims describing all the ways they would be tortured and raped by him over the next 30 days or so, including being raped by animals, and shocked by electrical generators. It is truly a horrifying thing to listen to or read. He also had a large mirror over where he tortured his victims so they had to watch everything that happened to them. That “man” was the true definition of a monster.



Oakland County Child Killer. He murdered at least 4 children between 1976 and 1977. The parents of one of the abducted boys’ parents held a press conference begging for their son to be returned home. His mother said that she would feed him his favorite meal of KFC when he was returned. The young boy’s body was found days later in freshly cleaned and pressed clothing and his stomach’s contents showed that his last meal had been KFC chicken. Oh and the Oakland County Child Killer, he was never identified.



In Utah, Rachel David, the wife of a cult leader, threw her children off of a balcony in downtown Salt Lake City. Her husband had already committed suicide. The older children jumped, but the younger ones were tossed out before Rachel ultimately jumped. The crowd in the street that could see this happening were yelling at her to jump by the end because they were so disgusted by what had happened. My grandfather was a firefighter at the time and he was there when it happened. He assisted in catching the sole survivor, but was unable to save the others.



The Bike Path Killer (Altemio Sanchez) was a serial killer from Buffalo. He raped at least 10 women and killed 3 of them over a 25 year span. Interestingly enough early on in his spree, a witness saw Sanchez. Since this was the 1980s, they did a line up. The witness picked a man, Anthony Capozzi, who looked strikingly similar to Sanchez out of a line up. Capozzi went to jail for 22 years for a crime he didn’t commit. DNA evidence exonerated Capozzi and convicted Sanchez.



Joseph Metheny would gut his victims like a deer, and then mix what he took off of them with meat he sold at his sandwich stand. He said the only time he almost felt guilty is when children were eating it. But even then, “It was their parents fault for being so stupid and allowing them to eat it.” Super messed up.



Ed Kemper decapitated his mom after murdering her by smashing her skull in. Then, he tore out her larynx and ground it up in the garbage disposal so that she wouldn’t, “bitch at him anymore.” He also committed necrophilia with his mother’s body. Also, with one of his victims, Aiko Koo, he kept her head in his trunk when meeting psychiatrists who were satisfied with the progress he was making.



Ted Bundy worked for a suicide prevention hotline, his coworker said of him that he may have killed people but he also saved many people. He also saved a child from drowning in a pool. So strange to spend your time listening to people during their darkest hours, convincing people their lives are worth living, just to go out later and take lives away. It can TRULY be anyone, and nothing creeps me out like that fact.



The night before Pauline Parker killed her mother, she wrote in her diary “Deborah (her nickname for her friend Juliet Hulme) rang and we decided to use a brick in a stocking rather than a sandbag. We discussed the moider fully. I feel very keyed up as if I was planning a surprise party. So the next time I write in the diary mother will be dead. How odd, yet how pleasing”
And the morning of her mother’s murder, she wrote “I am writing a little of this up before the death. I felt very excited and the night-before-Christmassy last night.”