These ‘Deepest, Darkest Family Secrets’ From Twitter Deserve Their Own Netflix Series

On Thursday morning, Twitter user Jessi (@lovelyjessij) posed a bona fide pandora’s box of a question on her account. The self-proclaimed “feminist, dork, and lush” asked, “What’s the deep dark family secret that you learned as an adult?”

Jessi led with her own family secret, which included a sociopath grandfather.

She wasn’t the only one who was related to a murderer.

Jessi encouraged people on Twitter to anonymously DM her their family secrets, which she figured would result in more responses. She was correct. Dozens upon dozens answered, sharing their own twisted origin stories.


Prevalent were family secrets having to do with parents who kept paternities, as well as actual children, a secret for decades.

Many had family members were not who they said they were.

Some had even darker ancestral tales:


TRIGGER WARNING: A distressing amount of anonymous DMs told heartbreaking and tragic secrets pertaining to rape and molestation.