Dad Turns Sons’ Drawings Into Realistic Images That Are Hilariously Terrifying

Ah, there’s truly nothing more frightening than the imagination of a child. Kids have a weak grasp on reality, it’s kind of like they’re all tripping their brains out at all times. That’s a level of creativity our sluggish adult minds can’t handle. Thankfully, their motor skills make it hard for them to bring too many of their wild ideas to life—unless you help them.

A dad named Tom Curtis is famous on Instagram under the handle @thingsihavedrawn because he draws a lot of things. He is in particular famous for his collaboration with his sons. His kids Al and Dom draw something and Curtis brings it to life. Like, he literally tries to make whatever animal or monster his kid has created look as life-like as possible. He even sets them in realistic photo environments. The results are disturbing to say the least.

These are the nightmares that kids want to unleash upon the Earth.

That rabbit has gone beyond the Uncanny Valley, tread through the Forest Of Goosebumps, crossed the Ocean of Involuntary Gagging, and is living in a part of the world so unsettling it doesn’t even have a name. That rabbit wants you to go insane, and hope away with it into the night. And there are so many, many more.

Like this murder tadpole:

This psycho pig:

A tiger outside the cage:

An elephant you’ll never forget:

A reindeer with a serious grudge:

A frog from a nuclear waste spill:

And an unbelievable zebra:

Curtis is often asked what he’ll do when his kids get better at drawing. It will be slightly less funny and perhaps slightly less scary when their drawings look less like doodles. Of course, they might start looking like their dad’s work, which might be more scary. Either way, Curtis says he takes submissions from parents of small kids who are still working on their artistic voice. So, if you want your kids to freak you out with their drawings, you can always try submitting them to Curtis. Just remember: these drawings can’t be unseen!