Pictures That Show How Scary Being Trapped On The Viking Sky Cruise Ship Was

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Imagine being on a cruise when a storm hits and you lose power. That sounds like a complete nightmare scenario, and it is. And 1,373 passengers aboard the Viking Sky just experienced it.

The cruise ship was just off the shore of Norway Saturday morning when they made the mayday call. They had experienced engine failure and were now stranded in the middle of storm called a “bomb cyclone” that had the air pressure of Category 3 hurricane, according to The Washington Post. The waves were over 60 feet high and the boat was listing wildly. It was also very close to running up against the rocky shoreline.

Prepare for some truly terrifying pictures while you cancel your next cruise vacation.


2. Videos taken by (LGBT legend) Alexus Sheppard showed just how crazy it got.

You can hear someone say “Not the Steinway!” a few moments before a chair sailed into the piano.

One crew member described the ships restaurants and lounges to USA Today: “Everything was broken: plates, glasses, furniture. He also said he saw a heavy grand piano go flying upside down so things don’t sound good for the piano in this video.

3. Check out how scarily the ship was being tossed around by the sea.

“It was frightening at first,” Sheppard told the Associated Press. “And when the general alarm sounded, it became very real.”

4. Part of a ceiling fell ona woman’s head.

5. While the experience was awful, people pointed out how great the ship’s crew was while it was going on.

6. But the crew couldn’t do anything about the fact that people had to sleep in the main rooms.

7. Fifteen hours later, and people were still waiting to be evacuated.

8. People were eventually airlifted to safety via helicopter, which also sounds pretty effing scary.

9. On Sunday, the ship was towed in to shore.

10. People were thrilled to be off the boat; many were injured and gotthe care they needed.

11. And finally, everyone was safe.


h/t: BuzzFeed