Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Change Seats At The VMAs After Nicki Minaj’s Tasteless Twitter Attack

While the VMA’s are just around the corner (literally a half hour away), there’s been some drama brewing behind the scenes between two of the top artists of the year.
Nicki Minaj decided to launch an all-out attack on rapper Travis Scott this week after his new album Astroworld beat her new album Queen for the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 200. Let me catch you up to speed on the tea…

Nicki Minaj launched an attack on Twitter towards Travis Scott and his girlfriend/baby-momma Kylie Jenner.

The photo that Minaj is referring to, of course, is the one Kylie Jenner posted on her Instagram, captioning it: “me and storm ready for tour.”

me and storm ready for tour ?♥️

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Nicki basically got angry that Kylie helped her boyfriend sell merch linked to album sales, boosting his numbers to beat hers.

Many artists have begun linking album and merchandise sales, as more people have switched to streaming apps and services over purchasing whole albums. Therefore, they can still lock in high album sale numbers, even if people aren’t buying the album outright.

Essentially, people were cringing that Nicki threw a tantrum on Twitter all over being number two on the charts, instead of number one. And, people were not having it.

But, someone was quick to point out that in a photograph posted of the VMA’s seating arrangements–Nicki Minaj was set to sit directly in front of Travis and Kylie.

Obviously, Travis and Kylie don’t want to ruin their night out on the town without their baby on their side by dealing with petty drama–but fans were waiting anxiously to see if some beef would pop off during the show.

It turns out, these fans are going to be heavily disappointed, because TMZ reports that Travis and Kylie have changed their seats for the show–being put on the opposite side of the hall from Nicki.

According to the report, Travis and Kylie were moved closer to Cardi B instead of sitting by Nicki Minaj. And, while it is probably because of the Twitter drama, TMZ says that the producers think that Travis should be sitting in the same row as Nicki–seeing as his album is number one.

But, thanks to the Twitter detectives we love so much, we now know that Nicki and Cardi are beefing a bit, too. The two have had their fair share of drama over the years and now, the drama is getting pretty heated. And, with Travis and Cardi sitting close and comfortable with each other–maybe there will be some drama.

Tune in to find out, y’all.