Adam Levine Tries Dragging MTV On Instagram, Instead Makes Himself Look Like A Complete Idiot

Recently, MTV announced their nominees for the 2018 Video Music Awards, which honors artists and musicians who create moving, inspiring, and incredible music videos to go along with their music.

This year, we were blessed with a plethora of music videos that defined the year. Many of these artists received nominations in the award show.

Adam Levine, however, got himself mighty confused this week when he thought that Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) was not nominated for his powerful music video for “This Is America.”

The video, which is quite possibly one of the most incredible music videos ever made, provoked intense and important conversations on social media when it was first released. Levine, knowing this, was completely insulted that MTV “didn’t nominate him for an award.” In a now-deleted Instagram post, he wrote:

Turns out, Childish Gambino’s video is nominated not once, not twice, but seven different times at the 2018 VMA’s. So, Adam Levine clearly looks like the fool in this situation. Sure, MTV may not be what it used to be–where they actually cared about the music and not teen moms–but, they do know a good video when they see one.

Levine was forced to admit he was wrong after all. Let’s be real–no one likes to admit they f**ked up. But, don’t worry, Levine still got his “petty tea” in at the end saying “still hate you though.”

But, don’t worry, MTV was forgiving…kind of?

Next time, maybe Adam will take a break from bleaching his hair to fact-check his own rants. Just maybe.