Just 20+ Times Tumblr’s Obsession With ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Spoke To Me On A Spiritual Level

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine got canceled earlier this year, it was pretty much the worst 48 hours of my life. There are so few shows on TV that are both actually good and also don’t require a hundred year investment in order to understand the very basics of what’s going on (I’m looking at you, West World). So naturally I briefly lost my sh*t, until NBC swooped in and saved the day.

My heart really can’t take that kind of drama, so it had better not happen again. Capiche?

Anyway, wether you’re a Holt fanboy or Rosa Diaz fangirl (or vice versa), these tumblr folks know just where you’re at:

32. The time they got how pronouncing words funny is the best kind of joke:

31. The time they really understood Diaz’s soul:

29. The time they totally cheered each others’ obsessions:

28. The time they summed up adulthood:

27. The time they went a little overboard:

26. The time they thought up the worst case scenario:

25. The time they felt Holt feeling them:

24. They time they knew my innermost thoughts:

23. The time they summed up romance:

22. The time they nailed being high strung: